How to build a V6 cheap.


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Just to add in,you could even put a M90 S/c on the singleport mustangs to make them alot faster. That you can find for less than 500 bucks,now you do bolt ons intake,headers,crossover,exhaust,UDP ,SCT tuner that might cost around 2200-2400 you have between 600 bucks depending on if you get the bolt ons for the cheap which im shore you can,youll probley have even more funds to play with...add a cam and p/p your heads with better liffters and thats fast...Save a little extra cash and you could p/p the blower also and put a better intercooler its endless!!!


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96StAnG3.8, you are correct, I bought a 3.8 super plus 5 spd for 200 bucks and sold the trans for 250bucks and still have the whole engine and CPU :)

get an AOD because Im told the T-5 doen't hold up well


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man this thread fails

build a v6 for cheap? no such thing
NO stock bottom end needs anything past stock rockers. looks GREAT when its covered with a valve cover and stock rockers are good for 6000rpm pulls FOREVER
a stock motor making any kind of reputable power will not rev past 6000rpms and be considered safe.

also this setup is missing both intake manifolds
thats anywhere from $450+


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cool thread:cool: where can i find these pullies? I've looked around the net and havent come across anything. Can someone lead me in the right direction



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I know this has been mentioned a few times in the thread already..but for something noticable yet inexpensive..a few simple, easy to do things:

Gears, sticky summer tires, tune, air intake (in that order). Especially if you started with a 3.7, you will have a car that will be noticably quicker off the line and at the track.

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Ya know I just read part of this thread and I think it is great. I have a V6 and of course wish I had a Cobra or a GT but I don't. I think no matter what someone buys, you always find that someone has something a little better. So we Mod and Mod some more. I'm new at the modding thing and yes every time a 2011 or 2012 i see on the road I want. But mine has less than 95,000 miles a couple of scratches, it spent 10years in Cali 2 years in storage and was driven by an older lady. I'm in Ohio and paid 2800.00 for it, don't know about you guys but I can live it since I paid cash for it and I can mod it up. I have a 2000 vert and love it. So I'm sure my wife will continue to complain as I do mods on mine but it's fun and I like to tinker with it.


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I found the under driver pulleys on ebay for $50 a piece. Went to the pull apart junk yard and pulled crank pulleys/harmonic balancers. Cut up my balancers and sold them on sights for 120 shipped. Ended up keeping the last one because it was free. I do not rev high enough to gain hp from a under drive pulley. But I thought they were cosmetically cool.


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Detailed write up, good for starter like me, thank you


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As a note: Under Drive Pullies DO NOT ADD Horsepower, it frees up the
available BHP horsepower by reducing the parasitic load on the accessory pullies.

A K&N filter in the stock air intake box is just as good as a CAI, because the
stock intake IS a CAI. Short Ram intakes are the ones where you SEE the
cone filter in the engine bay.

These I plan on in the future...


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just saw this write up. great stuff. thanks for taking the time. the 3.9 seems to present a bit of a challenge for a few things. we have started some of the stuff on my son's car. I have a cobra and he has the 04 3.9 mustang. I love both cars. for him, it is perfect at this time of his life. he gets a lot of great comments on the car. we will continue to mod it and appreciate it.