How-To: The Compilation


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This is going to be a compilation of all the How-to's that people come across with links to said how-to's. Please "USE LINKBACKS" when providing a link to a how-to on another forum. This will give the member on the other forum credit where credit is due.

iPod Integration '04 -
Mach 460 to Mach 1000 Upgrade -
Recover/Refabric Tweeter Pods -

Accent Lighting Installation -
Accelerator Pedal Slack Removal -
Dashboard Removal 94-04 -
Door Panel Removal 94-04 -
Emergency Brake Cable Fix 94-04 -
Gauge Cluster Diagnostics 99-04 -
Gauge Cluster Gear Odometer fix 94-98 -
Gauge Cluster LED Install -
Gauge Cluster Recalibration -
Gauge Cluster Swap -
Gauge Pod Install -
Gauges Oil Pressure & Water Temperature Installation -
Headrest Removal -
Heater Core Replacement 96-98 -
Heater Core Replacement 94-04 -
Interior Panel Painting 94+ -
Key-In Ignition Door Chime Removal -
Removing the Rear Seat -
Removing the Center Console 94-04 -
Raptor Shift Light Install -
Seat Reconditioning -
Shift Knob Boot Installation -
Steering Wheel Replacement -

Camshaft Install Sparknotes -
Camshaft Swap How-To -
Changing Your Spark Plugs -
Cold Air Intake -
EGR Cleaning How-To -
EGR Delete -
MAF Cleaning How-To -
Oil Cooler Installation -
Oil Separator 99-04 V6 -
Pistons & Rods Install -
Port & Polish Intake Manifolds -
Radiator Conversion V6 to GT -
Underdrive Pulley Installation -
Fuel Filter Change How To -
Fuel Pump Change How To -
Gas Tank Filler Gasket -
PPRV Explanation -
PPRV Delete for Dummies -
PPRV Delete SVT Pump -

4.2 Swapping
4.2L Essentials -
4.2L Swap Installation -
Split Port Swapping
Split Port Swap Fuel Rail -
Split Port Swap (99+ heads/intake on 94-98) -
Windstar Swapping
Windstar Swap Parts List -
Windstar Swap Walkthrough -*
Windstar Installation Part 1 -
Windstar Installation Part 2 -
Windstar Installation Part 3 (Parts List) -

3.5" vs 4.0" Tips -
Dual Exhaust Cutouts in Stock v6 Bumper -
IRS Catback on SRA Rear End -
MIL Eliminator Make Your Own -
O2 Sensors Replacement -
Polish Your Exhaust HowTo -

Bumper Cover Front Removal -
Chrome Removal from Plastic -
Convertible Top Paint -
Convertible Top Replacement -
Decklid Fill Spoiler Holes -
Hood Latch Lift 99-04 -
Hood Pins Installl -
Hood Scoop Installation -
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler Install -
McQueen Rattle Can Process -
Paint your Mirrors to Match -
Paint your Mirrors like Cobra mirrors -
New! Side Skirt Replacement -
Side Windows Repair -
Spoiler Relocate (Move Back) -
Shaving Emblems/Antenna DIY -
Cobra Bumper Fog Light Install -
Cobra Tail Light Install -
Fog Lights in Grille on 99-04 -
Fog Light Wiring Guide Install -
Headlights Aiming HowTo -
Headlights Conditioning/Repair -
HID Lights Install -
Sequential Tail Lights Splice In HowTo -
Sequential Tail Lights Slowing Them Down -
Tail Light Bezel Painting 94-98 -
Tail Light Tint Install -
Tail Light All 3 Light on Brake -
Underhood Light Install -

Forced Induction:
M90 Installation Thread -
M112 Information Thread -
Supercoupe Swap -

Auto to Manual Swap -
Auto (AODE) to Manual Swap -
B&M Hammer Shifter Install -
Change Transmission Oil T3650 -
Clutch Replacement -
JMod Shift Kit Self-HowTo -

The Official Suspension Guide -
The Un-Official Suspension Guide -
Cutting Your Stock Springs -
Lowering Springs Install -
Improving Stock Ride Quality -
Rear Sway-Bar Installation 94-04 -
Rear Differential Fluid Change -
Rear Differential Pinion Seal Replacement -
Ring, Pinion and Gears Installation -
SRA to IRS Swap -
Wheel Bearing Replacement -
Brake Fluid - Bleeding Your Brakes -
Brake Fluid - Flushing Your Brake System -
Changing Brake Pads (Front) Cobra -
Changing Brake Pads (Rear) -
Changing Brake Pads (Rear) 2 -
Cobra Brake Swap -
Painting Brake Calipers -
Polishing Your Brake Calipers -
Stainless Steel Line Install -
Upgrading Brakes: Speeding Up and Slowing Down -

Plasti-dipping Rims -
Rims Curb Rash Repair -

Cleaning Your Engine Bay -

Abbreviations -
Chilton's Maintenance Schedule -
EFI Maintenance -
OBD-II Code List -
Screw/Bolt Size List -
Seafoaming -
Year by Year Specs -

I do NOT claim to have written all of these walkthroughs. Quite the opposite, I am actually using linkbacks in order to links users back to the original articles of these walkthroughs. If for some reason you would like to have your walkthrough removed, please PM me and I will remove it accordingly.
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love this tread ! thanks i now have some stuff i can do.

with the windstar kit does any one have evap/fuel system engine code pop up ?


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Also, For people looking to find their Crank / Cam sensors, This is a good picture..

Doing them is pretty self explanatory.

On another note..
On the 94-98 Models, the cam sensor is underneath the Coil Pack.

Thanks to JPL4K3 for putting this picture up. lol