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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JD210, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. JD210

    JD210 HHHHHH

    Oct 22, 2018
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    Hello wanted to say hi to everyone. Hope you have a happy Mustang day. It's cool getting complimented om my car. No one ever complimented me on my Suburban or Trailblazer which I bought new. But my used screaming yellow Mustang convertible gets complimented a lot. Even other Mustang owners pull up next to me in parking lots just being friendly. It's been very reliable and enjoyable vehicle to drive. Once fixed let the good time roll. Beside saying hi I am hoping ya'll may be able to share info or resource to help me have an even better Mustang experience than I have had already. Grandkids really love the car. A couple driving age think driving it is awesome. So I want to ensure it is trouble free for them when they use it. I have the 04 Deluxe Convertible with the 3.9L engine. Thought I'd be practical since I drive to Dallas to see grandkids as much as possible. I'll be sure to post solutions and info that will help improve every ones Mustang happiness(LOL). Right now with the issues I am having schematics(electrical, Vacuum, Fuel System) or links to them would be helpful. Any NON FEE BASED sites that are helpful and user friendly for solutions we will most likely need in the future. I would love to improve my gas mileage if possible. I have 145,000 so I understand some is lost to age. But simple things like a certain spark plug may out perform standard recommended by manufacturer. Modifications that will be easy on the wallet yet beneficial to the car. Things like is it really more beneficial to pay the extra money and always buy Plus or Super gas. We live in a time that technology and information are unlimited and available we just have to figure out where. Well thanks in advance for your info or links you may be able to help me with. If I come across something cool or helpful I'll certainly share it with y'all.