I demand $15/hr at....


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McDonalds!! KFC!!

Fast-food workers staged rallies Tuesday at a McDonald’s and KFC in Detroit as part of an ongoing effort to raise wages to $15 a hour.

But that expectation may not be realistic given the economy and costs of doing business, representatives from the restaurant industry told the Free Press.

Employees from eateries throughout the metro area packed the Midtown restaurants on Grand Boulevard and demanded increased hourly pay and better hours and working conditions. It was the second protest of its kind within two months.

“We’ll be back,” some workers chanted at the end of the McDonald’s demonstration.


“We’re trying to fight for $15 an hour,” said Claudette Wilson, 20, of Detroit, who works at a Burger King for $7.40 a hour. “We work hard, but we get paid very little. We should get more. Without the workers they wouldn’t survive.”

Fast-food workers protest at Detroit McDonald's, KFC, demand higher wages | Detroit Free Press | freep.com


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It's a minimum wage job. If you want more pay, get skills and a career. Those jobs aren't meant to raise a family on.


I think the minimum wage should be $25 / hour. That way people can earn a decent living and have alot of money to stimulate the economy.


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I live about an hour from Detroit, and if the people who are working in the hood had a bit more money instead of having to steal everything just to survive, I think that Detroit might be able to turn around.


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I do think it is ****ed up that people in the service industry make $2.13/hr. /minimumwagerant


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Where do ya'll think money magically comes from? Do you think every business is just willing to give you more money without you actually working harder to make more money coming in? . . . Although I will admit, you cannot rent anything for cheap anymore without living in a REALLY bad neighborhood.


it's all in your head
That's because they get tips. ****, some people make more money per hour in tips.

Thanks, genius, I think we all know they get tips.

I would hope they make more money than $2.13/hr in tips... that would mean they only make $4.26/hr.
Some barely are able to make minimum wage. It all depends on what time of restaurant and the location.

Edit: I felt the need to add this... Most people don't even consider the hours worked by a server/bartender in which they aren't serving people. I once had a job that had 2 hours of opening/closing work in which I wouldn't serve a single person and was actually working for $2.13/hr during that time. The only way one can make a decent living by serving would be upscale or fine dining, or by being a bartender.