I remember when I used to be an administrator here...


I decided to log back in to check up on some old friends and post some project pics from my mustang and holy hell, the spammers have taken over OT.

OT make a discord and bail?

Who owns the site?

Someone toss me lead so i can purge this plague


Best Of The Best
just ignore that one user and they go bye bye, but yeah we pretty much bailed. I could see us coming back here after the plague maybe. Alot of chatter here was due to sports, and got none of that. Really nothign to talk about here beside the plague :lol: In discord its more like a daily thread of bullshit.


Grit and Grind
@Brent owns the site.

If you click on ignore for the spammer his posts go away but kind of useless right now since nobody posts in here anyway right now.