i say we send him to sturgis and let them serve justice


Drunk cop (.19 bac) killed one and injured two other motorcycle riders while on duty.

Cop was drunk when squad car plowed into bikers

Updated: Thursday, 12 Aug 2010, 10:52 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010, 8:05 AM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - The Indianapolis police officer who plowed into two motorcycles, killing one and injuring two others Friday had a blood alcohol content level of .19 percent at the time of the crash.
Officer David Bisard had his lights and siren on while on his way to help fellow officers serve a warrant. Cars were pulling over in the intersection, but witnesses said the motorcycles had no where to go.
Police say Bisard followed standard protocol after the crash and he submitted to a blood test. That test showed his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit.
“We are currently working with the prosecutor’s office after learning the results of the blood draw for alcohol have tested positive on Officer David Bisard," Indianapolis Chief of Police Paul Ciesielski said Tuesday. "The investigation in to the crash continues and we will be consulting with the prosecutor’s office tomorrow to determine what charges may be filed. Once those decisions are made, we will be able to provide more details about the investigation.”
Meanwhile, Bisard is on desk duty and his K-9 partner is working with a different officer.

Officer's driving record in question
Friday’s crash wasn’t Officer David Bisard’s first in his patrol car.
The first was back in 2002 when during a chase he crashed into a fence. He crashed into another fence after hitting a snow bank during another chase in 2003.
In 2004 he hit a suspect’s car door. During a chase in 2005 Bisard hit a concrete retaining wall. A suspect backed into Bisard’s patrol car in 2007.
Friday’s crash was Bisard’s sixth.
24-Hour News 8 also learned that Officer David Bisard has received various honors and commendations from the department, including the medal of valor just last month. But in May his supervisor disciplined him for insubordination: one day unpaid suspension. Crash investigators are awaiting the results of Bisard’s blood test to complete their investigation.
Mary Mills is now in fair condition at Methodist Hospital. Kurt Weekly is still in critical condition.

Victim laid to rest
An Indianapolis man was laid to rest Tuesday and two others are recovering at Methodist hospital following the crash.
24-Hour News 8 tracked down a witness to the crash who says the victims had absolutely no time to move.
“It was too fast. Everything happened so fast, I mean I’m talking within four to five seconds of hearing sirens you know we were involved in that accident.” said Tim Griffith, a witness to the crash.
Griffith had damage to his car as a result of the crash but it was nothing compared to the mangled motorcycles on 56th Street, Friday. 30 year old Eric Wells died in the crash. His two friends, 44 year old Kurt Weekly and 47 year old Mary Mills still hospitalized with their injuries. All were on motorcycles stopped right behind Griffith at 56th Street and Brendon Way Drive.
Griffith says he heard the siren and looked in his rear-view mirror. He says he immediately saw Officer David Bisard who was responding to a call.
"We were just sitting at a light and not even the vehicles in front of us had been able to move but we hadn’t been able to move right when that light turned green. So, there was no way anyone could have avoided that.” said Griffith.

This cop was honored by MADD back in the 90's. Now the cops attorney is pulling some **** saying taking his blood to test bac was unconstitutional because there was no probable cause...

Also, they let him bond out of jail after only 90 minutes and paying $1,000.

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Court documents say Bisard slammed into the back of Wells' Harley Davidson motorcycle throwing the bike more than 120 feet and launching Wells over 100 feet from the point of impact.
Investigators determined that Bisard was traveling at 65 to 70 mph when he tried to brake only 65 feet from the back of Wells' motorcycle.



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Give him a pass on this one. You don't know what the **** police have to deal with on a daily basis.


Give him a pass on this one. You don't know what the **** police have to deal with on a daily basis.
hey, it's what they signed up to do. if they can't handle the ****ing job without being a ****ing drunk WHILE ON DUTY, time to find a new career. McDonalds is hiring.


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I saw this on WRTV the other day. The captain or whatever said they had already done the investigation, and my impression was that they weren't going to charge him with anything. :disgust:


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Charging him isnt going to bring that dude back to life. And they were just scumbag bikers anyway, **** it.