I'm baaaaaaaack!!!


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I am reintroducing myself....I think my last post was in 2007! Five years ago was a long time for brain, but here's the story:

I bought a 2002 V6 coupe in 2005 (I think). I did a bunch of stuff to it - never touched the internals of the engine though. I was pretty happy with what I'd done and how far it came. Then I started seeing more and more S197 Mustangs on the road. I didn't think I'd get one though. Well, by 2007 I managed to get a great deal on a loaded Windveil Blue 5-speed V6. Right after I bought the car, I moved from NY to southern California (where I still live). I never modded the 07, but I did have to have bodywork done on - three times through no fault of my own (it was hit all three times when I wasn't in it). At that time I was doing a 60 mile commute that ended up aging it pretty badly. Anyone who drives the desert freeways can tell ya about sandstorms and what they do to your car. One day in 2009, I was at the dealership for an oil change and I spotted a 2006 metallic gray (I forget the actual color name) GT coupe on the lot. A salesman came up to me and I immediately said I was "just looking". Five minutes later I was blasting down the road in it. Two hours later it was in my driveway. The only drawback - sort of - was the auto tranny. I rationalized that because of the heavy traffic around town and all the traffic lights (I no longer commuted) that it would be easier than shifting. She didn't need much cause she was already a beast, but I did get a nice dark tint on the windows, through on some Flowmaster SS's, and put in a Shelby-style center fog light grill. Of course, the skipper 500 radio died two weeks into ownership, so that got replaced. We had a lot of fun together up until this past summer when she started not being so nice to me. The tranny started acting up - slipping, hesitating and just getting sloppier and sloppier. It was repaired under warranty - a known problem - but I still felt that it wasnt right. I took it back to the dealership but, as expected, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. The plan was to drive it another month or so and see if they could find the problem. Again, I was walking around the lot, but this time no salesman. I had to hunt one down. I decided I wanted another stick shift - delightfully, I saw that they were now 6-speeds. The new GT's are awesome but too expensive for me. The only stick shift six they had was a white base coupe. I though "well, let me drive it and see..." What a blast! I knew the 3.7's are 5 HP up on the 4.6 V8's but I didn't expect that the six stick would be so much fun to drive! Truthfully, compared to the 06, the 2013 doesn't have as much low end grunt but the revvy modern engine sounds great and is certainly strong enough to make this car fast. It reminds me of a couple of turbo Eclipses I had back in the 90's but with much more power and, of course, a much better engine. I never owned an SVO Mustang but I imagine the sound and the driving experience were very similar - if you can factor out the differences between the old fox platform and the new S197. So far I have the following stuff on it's way:

a Kenwood double DIN bluetooth, ipod friendly head unit (with a Metra installation kit that relocates the climate controls, etc)
brand new charcoal seat leathers - front and rear
take off GT grill - upper and lower - and GT LED foglights with a new wiring harness and switch that will allow the auto-on headlight feature to work
lighted sill plates (the car doesn't have Synch or ambient lighting, but I know these can be wired in)
Gentex autodimming rearview mirror with home link
and lastly, a set of 18" GT500 wheels with 275/40 rubber on them
LOL- it might have been cheaper to get a Premium V6, but I do enjoy making the car "my own"!

A couple of things I'm on the fence about (and may do more detailed posts in the appropriate areas:

body treatment - of course, the windows are tinted but I'm tossing around various ideas for stripes or just a hood treatment - no decals though, if I do it, it will be professionally painted.

exhaust- Also thinking about axel-backs. I like the stock system but a little louder would be nicer. The Flowmaster SS's made my GT sound really mean, but driving around with them for three years became a little too much, so I won't be going that loud again.

Anyway, I LOVE this new Mustang! And to anyone who read through this long and possibly boring post - thanks for sharing the love! I'll post up some pics in a few days.