I'm out of ideas.

Felix R

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Hello to you'all,
Here the list of codes I'm getting from my tunner on my 2010 ford mustang 4.0;

I have iddle issues, car stalls randomly, it does smells like unburnt gas when it stalls, and AC doesn't work( not my priority).

I have replaced O2 sensors, PCV, coil pack, alternator, battery, EGR, fuel purge valve, MAF sensor. Tested all my fuses and relays, I also tested the engine compression and for ground continuity to engine and body.

Any ideas?


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Did the O2 sensors short at any point? They usually fry
the ECU when they do... I think that's all you got left if
you checked all the vacuum lines...

Felix R

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Is there any way to check ECU? Without getting a new one?
I am not sure if O2 sensors have ever shortout.

Vacumm lines have been check thruly, one more thing to add, with MAF sensor unpluged the car runs better and does not stalls once it gets into limp mode.