In depth long term modding on 04 v6

Steve Oppel

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I have a auto 2004 3.9l v6 mustang and am looking to turn it from a daily driver to a manual twin turbo drift car. I have some controversial things about my ideas with this build. I dont not make alot of money so I plan on building and driving this for a long period. I do own a honda civic lel so I wont be dailying the mustang.

All I have installed is a SR performance CAI and soon to be installing a true dual exhaust custom fabbed from a local shop.

In the next year or 2 I want to install underdrive pullies, new wheels and rims, swaybars, t-lok with 3.75 gears, Coil overs, and strut tower braces front and rear.

After this I want to do the manual swap I am going to be buying a donor car for this

I am currently looking into what will be the next best step.

1, do what alot others do when they reach this point and do head/cam/intake and call it a day.

2, or use another intake like the windstar or f150 (btw what intakes fit on the 3.9l v6 engine) then do head and cam (I also plan on ordering off of supersixmotorsports)

just one thing will the ported lower and upper intake be better for performance and turboing than the other intakes?

I want the windstar intake because its unique to my mustang and i think would look awesome over 2 turbos but i want performance over anything.

I dont even want to get into turbo ing yet and am probably just gonna get a shop to do it for me.

I am an intermediate mechanic. sometimes a little retarded :p

James Carr

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I drift my pony N/A just fine 8.8 and sport tune with a windstar dont need turbos


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The windstar that works is the 96-98. It works on all split port 3.8s.

I would keep the exhaust as is, if you plan to go turbo, since the exhaust system will need to be re-worked. You will likely do custom turbo headers, into the merge for the turbos.

You likely meant 3.73 gears, for a drift car those or 4.10 should be fine, 3.73 is the better call for a manual car since you will keep some of 1st gear. I would also recommend getting an 8.8 out of a GT. you can either keep the stock T-loc or weld the spider gears for drifting.

Engine wise, SuperSix motorsports sells a lot of good stuff. The 4.2 swap is a good swap and a lot of people like it.

twin turbos will be nice, but complexity wise the same can be done with a single turbo, or a centrifgual supercharger. Single turbo would be a bit more complex than supercharger.

Before you throw more money at the car, my recommendation is iron out EXACTLY what you want from it. With all said and done cost wise, you will likely be better off getting a newer V6 mustang with more power to start with but thats a different matter.

I have a LOT of money into my 3.8 and even with that, when its done I'll be lucky to have 450 rwhp (though with a change to the turbo I can likely get closer to 550)