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my 2003 v6 mustang did not come with the mach 460 stereo system I was wondering what I all needed to install it into my car I know I need the tweeters, front speakers, rear speakers, the mach stereo, and amplifiers is there any thing else I am forgetting that I need or Im I not able to I do know some stuff about audio the other is if I install a aftermarket stereo in my cousin 2004 Gt with it mess with his factory theft system your help is appreciated thank you


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If your car does not have the Mach system already, it would be way more work than its worth to install it. The Mach cars have integrated wiring with the body harness of the car. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to do splicing and matching wires up for a OK sounding system, when you could just get the proper install harness and put a much better aftermarket stereo in it.

Similar to your cousin's 04', as long as you get the proper install harness for whatever system it currently has, than it shouldn't be an issue. A lot of aftermarket head units have inputs so you can install a subwoofer (or 2), so it shouldn't have an effect on the PATS system.