Jennifer Fino

Mustang Princess
Hi! My name is Jen and I am a wife and mother located in Bucks County Pa. My husband and I are a mustang team, each owning our own mustangs. Together, he and I redesigned his 2009 California Special into a Cobra Jet, true to specs. Yes, as a chic, I got my hands dirty and have contributed not only money, but blood and sweat from sway bars, to chassis braces to brakes and struts. I am very new to the car world, but learning quick fast.

Our goal, with these mustangs, is to build them up, make them recognizable and to use them to bring attention to car shows. He and I both belong to the Dark Halo Pa Chapter car club. Not only do we attend every possible show, but we host our show, giving all proceeds to big charities. Having a 3 year old son with autism has been a difficult part of our lives. Knowing how difficult it is to try to find good help and to financially support a special needs child, we hold an Autism Speaks car show. But what sets us apart from everybody else, are these shows are not just car shows, but awareness shows. Vital information and resources are provided on whatever show we are hosting, such as PTSD, or Autism. We want to give back to the community the information that was provided to us. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like information on car shows and events if you'd like to help!