Itunes for vista x64 is a pos


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I seriously havent gotten it to run stably since ive reformatted the computer.

Its rediculous, ive tried the 32bit version, but it keeps crashing also.

Anyone else having this problem?


I've been using it for nearly two years problem free. Perhaps it's the user?
Same here, as long as you aren't trying to install it on ancient hardware vista is great. All my friends old computers are busting now and everyone is switching over to vista, they all love it now despite hating on it for the past couple years.


Always runs great for me other than it taking forever to load up...

The only program that takes the longest to boot up.. :(


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vista x64 ultimate works perfectly for me on my desktop...although my desktop is very beefy...maybe its a hardware config. issue.

That said I still like my mac book pro more than my desktop lol.


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Vista 64 is awesome. But iTunes is not. I use Winamp for all my music needs, works like a charm.


What's wrong with itunes?

What do other media management programs do better?

I used to use musicmatch before it also started sucking and that was a wonderful program. The one thing I hate about itunes is you have to have every song listed. In musicmatch you could use the little +/- per band and it was easier to navigate. I really wouldn't use it if I didn't have an ipod. It also seems so bloated and is always installing little updates which cause issues with the program itself...