July 9th NeXuS:New England's Support the Troops Show! UNO's Waltham MA

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This is our 3rd show of our monthly shows for the season!

July 9th UNO's 155 Bear Hill Road Waltham MA.

So far:
the American Cancer Society told us that NeXuS:New England had the largest single fund raiser donation from UNO's Dough Raising Program ever! That is not us that is YOU! You comming out! Thank you!

At our last events we have had:
- WZLX 100.7 Bostons Classic Rock at our show playing some great music and giving away prizes!
- Monster Energy stop by passing out Monster drinks from the HUGE Monster Energy 4x4!
- NTB with a great display of tires and rims and a huge 20ft Monster Truck (inflatible but still a sight to see)
- Olsen Cadillac showing off some amazing Caddies and the 550+HP V Series that sets the "Standard of the world" in luxury performance!
- Mass Performance, bringing a variety of cars from old school customs to the best in todays performance and not to be outdone the always beautiful Mass Performance models that make any event just that much hotter!
- The top tuners and Hot Rodders in the area come and diplay cars and talk to people about what they do!
- Local clubs, We have had New England Camaro 5 come out with a huge group, not to be outdone the local Avalanche guys (with some insane trucks!) the local KRONUS guys ( some as far away as NY), Local memebers of the Silverado SS site AND YOU! Without you being there this is not possible! Without you telling people what were doing it would not be growing! Each one of you is what makes this happen!
The hundreds of you ranging from the classics like our recent Car of the Month winning Caddy to the just released Camaro SS convertible!

In the last 2 shows we have given away almost $800 in prizes!

Why am I telling you this? To let you know what your missing and why you should be at the next show! Come on down and help out and enjoy the day! What might be at this one? Who knows!
This one we are changing up!
We are supporting the troops! July 9th UNO's Waltham 11-3
the flier speaks for itself but any questions hit us up on our facebook page. Link is on our website: NeXuS:New England Homepage