just saw a challenger today


Oh herrow!
I would have to say that I'm in love. Sexy sexy sexy. I would take this thing over a shelby any day. Also, the exhaust on it was stock, but it sounded aftermarket. SEXY!!!!!:lol:


Except the rims, they looked cheap as hell


not V6
You look like such a tool. Why not make your own trends rather than following them?


Pine away for your banner years.
Cool. I think preston03 one-upped you because he got to drive one. Too bad it was only a V6.


Two Eaton blown Fords
i really think that the challenger has taken the mustang's place as "my favorite modern muscle," that car is simply amazing :love: :love:

edit - wtf, they're all automatics?!?!?! :cry: :cry: :cry:


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I think that's what we're getting at. Stupid faces and OH LOOK AT ME poses got old in the middle of highschool.

yet again.... it was a joke. Its something people that have a sense of humor do to be funny and make people laugh, sorry if you cant quite appreciate that. :wtf: