Just tinted.


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Decided to go with medium for driver/passenger and dark quarter panels and rear.


Looks clean!! i actually had 15% all the way around for about 2 years and a town cop just decided to pull me over last week for it. Im tintless on the front windows :(


I've got 10% on the rear and 20% on the little side windows. Had 20% up front but couldn't get an inspection so pulled the front tint off.

Car looks good tho.


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I've had 20% all around for over a year now ... no issues at all. Mind you ... I would probably just pay the ticket and keep it on if it came down to it ... looks good though dude.


get off my koolaid
Thanks guys! I really hope I don't get pulled over I'd probably just pay the ticket as well. I like the wheels too they are 18" and actually look really good in person I'm thinking eventually I'll upgrade to 19 or 20" black bullit deep dish but for now I'll keep these baby's.


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Nice looks good Tint changes the look completely!! And I don't see anything wrong with those wheels myself.


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I had mine tinted 20 last Friday. Now my dash gauges illuminate when I drive...it'll take getting used to, but it looks good on a black car. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the 35 for the door windows. I have the same wheels. They're classy!