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that '00 Cobra R is soo nice. And to the OP i like what you have done so far to your car, its clean. Props on the spoiler:thumbup:

That car was so :drool: worthy everyone was asking if it came from the factory with a box of happy rags included, and the guy just laughed and said no he had no more left:lol:

dude your car looks great, and your right, its not like every other modded stang on this forum. only recommendation i have is to get the headlights sealed up to prevent and water buildup in the housing. looks like you guys have some bad ass cars in the local area. tell me some of the 3rd gen RX7's were boosted or LS1 swapped:D

Thanks, much appreciation:thumbup: I tried sealing the headlights first when I got them but that obviously didn't work haha. I planned on sealing them up before the show (when I had them off to install my stealth bulbs) but I didn't have enough time to remove all the water/dry them out as I was still in a rush to get it ready. But they will getting sealed up soon:thumbup: I'm not sure about the RX7's honestly, I didn't really venture over there too much, but I could only assume that some were boosted. It looked like a club of them came in, so I doubt they would all have stock motors


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tell this guy that i will give him everything i own in trade for his car.



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Thanks, I can't wait to see what it looks like either, as well as the Mach grille delete. When the bodyshop put on my Saleen front bumper they put the screws for the grille in upside down I believe, so when I went to unscrew them, they were underneath so I think I have to take off my front bumper (which I have to do anyways to install my front mount i/c) so I will wait until then:thumbup:
That's how all the grills are. You should be able to bend the bumper back out of the way to get to the bolts.


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it could just be me, but i think they look just fine with stockers, especially with the rear bumper :eek:

yeah the more i look at it the more i agree with you. at some angles i think it looks high up but in most of them it lines up pretty damn good.

as i said before though, car looks awesome man. :thumbup:


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Cobra R with Black 18inch Saleens is sex.. and keep OEM stock rims for resale value, but a cobra r > bullit anyday.. its so unique.


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Here are more pics of the Bullitt as requested, taken by the owner that day










And this is my favorite pic of my car from the day. He took it as well.