Kids/Parent yada thread


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Was debating on asking about this here, but then saw the parental stuff in the shooting thread. Can also talk about chopping weewees :lol:

Nikko has a kid who is old enough to apply to my question, but the rest of you can chime in. I'll be interested to hear what wandler and geoff say.......raps too but he awol. old til your kid can stay home alone? Asking b/c my ex and I are in a barn burner over it. Gonna try to talk some sense into her later, but she is hell bent that my boy cannot stay home alone for a few hours. The situation is that it's summer time and my step son (older) has summer school for a few weeks. My boy is 10.5 (5th grade) and will be home alone in the morning. Wifey or I will pop in on him over lunch, and then he's alone for a few hours until my step son is home.

I explained to her that next year he has to ride the bus home from school and will be home alone. There's no way around that for me, or most kids who don't have stay at home parents. Like seriously WTF....he's not 5 years old.

From a legal sense, only a couple states have laws about it and MO is not one. The ones that do say age 8 or 10. To cover my ass, I called the police to get advice. Was perfect b/c the guy was my age and going through a divorce. He has a daughter that just turned 11, and for the first time he is letting the kid be alone while he's at work. He said he and his soon to be ex both talked about it and are ok with it. Provided the kid has a phone and is safe which is def the case for me. I have him on IM all day, and he has a phone. Side note...i think this cop lives in my hood. There are a few, and I recognized his name from somewhere.

This is just another case of my ex being a complete psycho IMO, but I'll be the adult and try to work with her. "go **** yourself" was def an option when we spoke earlier, but can't do that. :lol:

TLDR........ is 10.5 a year away from middle school old enough to be home alone for a couple hours during the day? In the safest possible area of my city....


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I'll be the first to say, I'm not sure. I have to wait until mine gets closer to the age of consideration. 10.5 seems a little young to me but maturity and responsibility of the kid would play a large role in my decision. I'm guessing 11 or 12 but hard to say right now. Mine are only 3 and -6 weeks old.


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If I were to be the type of person to have kids, and felt my kid was mature and responsible enough to stay home alone at 10, then I would let it happen. I stayed at home alone from age 7 and up with no issues at all.


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I'd say if he has a phone and knows the proper procedures for emergencies then let him stay home.


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Uh yeah shouldn't be an issue. I was walking alone to my bus stop in 3rd grade and was riding my bike to middle school all three years


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My daughter is 9 and we've been testing the waters with her here and there. So far like an hour max. She's been mostly fine, but one time 6-8 months ago she called us in a panic because the wind blew a door shut and she was convinced someone was in the house.

So that made us think maybe not quite ready yet, but really, she was fine.


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He's gotten a few hours alone here and there. Going into his last year before middle school, he'll be fine. At the start of middle school, there isn't really any other option. I figured by halfway through next school year he's gonna be coming home alone (letting himself in) no matter what so some alone time in summer is going to be good for him.

He also is totally fine taking care of himself. He'll get breakfast, and make his own lunch. The only thing I don't like is all the video games I know he will play so I'm finding someone else for him to work on.


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I stayed home by myself at that 8-10 y/o range, even babysat my younger brother. We even geared up Home Alone style one time when the police chased a shooter down our street.


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Definitely old enough. My wife and I decided that if at 9 our daughter is mature enough that we'll start letting her stay home for an hour or two just to see how it goes. Phone and contact info are definitely a necessity though.


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Step son turned 16 today. Got some cash and video game gift cards. Dinner tomorrow of his choice and a weekend in STL. Got a hotel right next to six flags for two nights. Freakin room was expensive but we wanted two bedrooms bc he's bringing a friend and my son's coming too.

His best friend just turned 16 as well, but that kid doesn't have much. As in nothing with a bad home life so it will be nice for him to come with.


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Lolol. Step son friend has never been on a rollercoaster. Wish i had known that before we darted to the craziest one. He looked like he saw a ghost when we got off.


My 2 year old son hates the song Happy Birthday and gets angry whenever he hears it. When I'm taking a **** and he bothers me by pounding on the door I start singing that song and he runs away. That's all.


Kids are dumb sometimes. I randomly implemented a Daddy Points system the other day because I wanted my 4 year old to do something. I told him if did "x" he'd get 3 daddy points. He was like **** yeah and did it. Now I ask the kids to do little things for me to earn daddy points and if they're bad I say I'm going to take them away. It's working incredibly well and the best part, they haven't even asked what Daddy Points are for and at this point I don't even know!


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make them worth a quarter, but they gotta get up to like 50 before they can cash em in?

or just wait until they bring it up, keep ducking it for a few weeks, and then tell them a daddy point is a spanking :lol: