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locking threads

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Announcements' started by constantlylosing, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    what really makes me mad is when I see that there is an update to something and i waste time looking at it to find out someone just tagged along with what everyone else is saying or even worse start going completely off topic.
  2. Hell_Razor

    Hell_Razor Guest

    or when someone just posts and says "lol"?....I can think of someone right off hand who joined this board 2 weeks after me but already has 500+ posts, most of which are "lol" or the like....

    Last modification: Allan - 07/17/01 at 14:00:29
  3. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    this is exactly what I am talking about!!!!! no need to comment just apply!
  4. what do you guys think i was getting mad about???
  5. people---i will try not to mention names just have some sort of drive to get as many posts as they can to feel good and they talk about stupid crap
  6. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    read your private message 98se
  7. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    I understand your frustration...it ticks me off too and everyone else...if it annoys you send a polite message to the moderators asking them to speak with this person regarding their spamming habits.