Lost oil pressure then came backI can’t find anything on the Internet


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I have an 04 3.8L 40th anniversary convertible. Was driving on the freeway today with the top down and the radio loud and suddenly something didn’t feel right. Looked at gage and saw I had no oil pressure. Immediately got off freeway and into parking lot. Had bad ticking sound coming from motor. I started and stopped the motor several times while trying to see what was going on and still no oil pressure and bad ticking. I thought the motor was gone. Had the car towed to my brothers house where we started it to listen to see if it was a total loss and suddenly I have full oil pressure and no ticking sound. It runs perfect again. I’m afraid to drive it now. I’m super lucky I didn’t blow the motor. No telling how long I drove without oil. Checked the oil and it’s fine. Just recently changed. I can’t find anything on the Internet where this happened to someone else. Any ideas?
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Pull the cam position sensor to see what condition the oil pump gear is in. You can also verify oil is moving through the engine by looking through the oil fill cap, oil will be coming from the top of the rocker arms.