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I've been reading a lot about the M90 supercharger setup... (Thunderbird Supercoupe I/C'd roots blower for those who didn't know) and then I found the M112 (03-04 Cobra supercharger). Just trying to drum up a new convo for 2017 since I'm late to the game.

After reading all I could, until I got to the flamewarz forum posts, I decided an M112 would better suit me.

• '89-95 thunderbird supercoupe
• Intercooled
• Needs single port heads, so on a split port you lose 50HP to supercharge
• Needs return style fuel system, 30lb/hr injectors (from S/C), little fab work
• Need to modify the fuel rail a bit for clearance
• $400 Tuner if you want it to run right / Buy aftermarket tune file as a base
• $1000+ for a complete setup. Popularity of this swap drove the price up

• '03-'04 Cobra supercharger
• I/C is in Cobra's intake valley, so it will run hot on the V6 but meth will help
• Heatsoaking issues if you run high boost
• 255lph fuel pump or Focus 310lph pump, 39lb Cobra injectors (Would they snap into OEM rail?)
• Need adapter plate ($900 Super Six Adapter Plate / $920 Morana Adapter Plate)
• Underdrive pulley. Can't turn that blower too fast (Cobra has a smaller OEM pulley)
SCT Tuner ($400) & VMP's Tune file ($400) ($800 on hardware+software? Too much work to be open source I suppose. This stuff has always been kept proprietary)
• M112 blower itself I see for $500 on eBay in various conditions. That itself is very affordable. The tune & m112 adapter turn this into a $2000 project.
• And all of the part specifics listed in a forum post here

What's the consensus on the best adapter plate? Are there others than Super Six's and Morana's?

I saw a few say they 'would' speculate on how a custom plate was designed, but refrained in fear of giving away OP's secret juice. Meanwhile, I have some extra lower/upper intake manifolds and i would be interested in trying an adapter. Effort may be futile, but i'd learn from this project. Most likely I will just buy an adapter plate in the end.

Meanwhile THIS GUY has a supercharged F150 and he designed the intake adapter for it... This has been one of the most useful forum posts in terms of understanding the adapter.

Image Credit to user '2001_4.2' over at www.ford-trucks.com (Linked Above)

A lot of people are really secretive about their S/C setups.
Videos are older, seems like the ship has sailed for the popularity of this project.

I've seen them with about a 2" tall chamber and also ones that are almost a 1" thick flat adapter plate. Hood fitment will definitely be an issue, but that's not a bad issue to have :). It seems the supercharger needs the chamber to distribute pressure evenly

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99-04 Mustang V6 with M112 Blower Swap

Feel free to add/correct anything I've got here. Just trying to spark up some more conversations with my V6 brothers.


You should just fab your own plate or get someone who can to do it. You might need to use iron instead of aluminum unless you know someone who can weld aluminum. At the end of the day it's just a plate. It's not rocket science. You can use the intake ports to learn where you need to put the holes in the plate.

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The hard part is aligning the blower pulley with the rest of the front accessory drive.

The adapter plate also needs to leave room for the fuel rails.

The focus svt pump is enough for a modest 3.8 or maybe a 4.2, but not a lot of head room if you enhance engine flow by head work or camshaft.