M90 swap, ported heads, cam


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Up for sale is an Eaton Supercharger setup that I had on my 1998 V6 Mustang. This is the most complete of a kit that you will find. Included is just about everything you need. The only things you will need are a tune (or buy it with my chip and tune it on your own computer), a taller hood, and a fuel pump. This will fit a 94-98 most easily, but will work on 99-04 with some modifications.#
The supercharger has been ported and the back has been tig welded and milled to be bigger inlet. The oulet has been lightly ported too. The throttle body inlet is made out of 3.5" tubing if you want to upgrade to a bigger throttle body than the included 75mm one. The porting did two things it added 2psi more booset and it made the boost come on much faster. See linked photos on the porting that was done. The oulet top is also a custom made casting that will not fit under a stock hood. Hood modifications will need to be done or a cowl hood. SC also has a 10% over drive pulley. ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs
All intercooler tubes are made from 2.5" tubing and powder coated candy purple. There is one spot that it rubbed down and the two bottom tubes are just spray painted (can't see then unless your under the car). All tubes are connected with silicone couplers and held with high torque stainless steel clamps. Mass Air Meter is a Pro-M 80mm calibrated for the 42lbs. Intercooler is bar and plate and is the biggest one I could fit behind the bumper. It did have to be notched on the top of it to clear the hood latch. The crank, water pump, alternator and power steering pulleys are underdrives.

Items included: Complete Supercharger (as pictured), Ported lower intake, All intercooler tubes, inlet tube and intercooler, Both accessory brackets and all pulleys, fuel rail (with 42lb injectors), MAF meter, water pump outlet tube, radiator hoses, heater hoses, aftermarket 75mm throttle body and cable bracket (cruise control also usable), coil pack bracket. Modified A/C hoses. Kit also includes the entire engine harness which has already had the required wires lengthened for the coil pack and IAC.#

Here are several photos I took of some of the items either removed or installed. ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs Things I had to modify/change : coolant overflow tank removed and small one mounted by the radiator, removed stock power steering cooler and installed aftermarket one in different location (may be able to keep stock one if moved)

$750 shipped.

Also have port/polished stage 2 singleport heads from supersix motorsports with about 30k miles on them - $250 shipped

216/224 reground SSM camshaft with longer pushrods/rocker shims - $150 shipped



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Indianapolis. If you come get it I'll give you the whole blower setup, and I'll leave the heads and the cam attached to a forged crank supercoupe bottom end with new crank/rod bearings and new rings for $1000 flat.