MAC V6 Catback Dual Exhaust System 99-04 For Sale with Stainless 3" Tips


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This is a Brand New MAC 99-04 V6 Catback Dual Exhaust System with Polished 3" Stainless Steel Tips. This converts any 99-04 V6 to true dual exhaust. Connects to existing y-pipe. This is part number TK3849 on MAC's website. Please visit this link to see this kit: I am having a shop do my exhaust work so I no longer have need for this kit. I am asking $300 Shipped which is cheaper than any other place. You can pay me through Paypal or I can set up an eBay auction for you (I have 100% positive feedback for 97 items) Please post here, email me at [email protected] or send me a PM if you are interested. Kit is pictured here

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I have a deal arranged to sell the exhaust locally for $300 so it is no longer available.

Dark02Pony: Sorry, I just copy/pasted a faulty description of this exhaust, I know it's not true dual.


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I have the same setup in my garage for a 99-04. I'm not trying to jack your threat but if yours is sold i have the same one 270 shipped:thumbup: New never installed parts have just been inspected a bit.