Madden/NCAA Football 2009 Thread...


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No mention of fixing the flying safety glitch? Damn....Glad they are getting all that other crap taken care of though.


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When it happened to me I had to quit my game since I was playing a man down on defense and then on offense too when I got the ball back.

Totally cool. Thought you were talking about NCAA. Havent been able to play Madden, yet
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Did a fantasy draft in Madden, gonna list the players you should know

QB: Carson Palmer
RB: Larry Johnson
WR: Braylon Edwards and Santana Moss
TE: Gates
LT: Jamal Brown (Saints)
LG: Vince Manuwai (Jags)
C: Dan Koppen (NE )

My O-line is freaking crazy, 2 shields and a bulldozer, all (94 or over)

LE: Derrick harvey
RE: Roevelt Colvin (Former Bear OLB baby!)
LOLB: Micheal Booley
MLB: Paul Posluszny and Curtis Lofton
ROLB: Julian Peterson (traded Igor (DE SD) some no name LOLb and a Second round)
CB: D Hall
FS: Lavon Landrey

(Both my safeties are Heavy Hitters)

I am gonna have to change Playbooks though

After playing a Game WOW. I'm def going to a 3-4 to have peterson, Paul, Curtis and Booley all there. Gonna blitz liek crazy MOFO's! WOOT NEWT


Dude. Imagine the 3 or 4 superbowl rings the Lions would have had with any kind of decent o-line or passing threat when Barry was there.

:drool: He carried that team to pretty much every win they had for the years he was there.