Max HP limit on a stock 3.8?

I’m debating supercharging my 01 3.8. I have the adapter plate and M112 and a few other supporting mods too that have to be added on. However, i see a lot of the people with high HP V6’s (450hp or more) are running 4.2+L engines instead of the 3.8. Since my car is built more for cornering than straight line speed, I don’t need a lot of hp for what I do (occasional amateur track days, spirited drives and canyon runs) i’d like to sit comfortably at 350 crank hp.
but for now, I’m just wondering how much boost could a stock for stock 3.8 take reliably (IE stock fuel pump, stock injectors, etc) and what exactly should be upgraded to handle 350 crank hp reliably.
Id imagine I’d need a trans cooler and maybe a shiftkit from what I’ve heard, and maybe different connecting rods? But I don’t know. Tell me what you guys have gotten away with.

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Max boost on stock 3.8 would be 11psi, which would get you about 300 to the rear wheels. 10 or 9 psi would be safer. And, that would require an intercooler, higher flow fuel pump, TR6 spark plugs, Cobra brakes, subframe connectors, wider wheels (9") and tires, and a very good tune. Maybe even a water/meth injection to lower combustion temps and raise octane.