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Misfire #1 cylinder

Discussion in '2011-2014 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Just Dan, May 6, 2017.

  1. Just Dan

    Just Dan New Member

    May 6, 2017
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    I have a 2013 3.7 79542 miles on it with misfire problems. About three weeks ago, I got a misfire on my #4 cylinder. the check engine light came on and started flashing. I know the flashing mean raw fuel in a cylinder, so I went for the coil first off. I move the coil from #4 to #1 just to test the water. Sure enough I problem moved from #4 to #1, so I bought a new coil for #1, and no further problem with #4, but the misfire was still there at #1. I then checked to see if the spark plug had broken, or was damaged. I removed it, inspected the spark plug, checked the gap, and placed it back in car. The misfire was still there. I then bought a new plug, set the gap, and installed it just in case it was damaged, and could not see it... Still misfiring. I then moved the moved the coil one more time from cylinder #1 to #3, but #1 was still misfiring and #3 was fine. I then check the voltage on the connector going to the coil on #1. 13.7 on side of the wire, and the other side was switching back and forth I believed it was ground or a signal. I then started the car with the coil unplug. I plug the coil up while the car was running, and there was a difference in the idle, but still misfiring on #1. So next I just to be sure I placed a new intake manifold gasket on because in order to get to #4 I had to take the upper intake manifold off and maybe #1 was taking on air or something, but no it was still misfiring. So next I changed the injector with a new stock one from ford,,, still MISFIRE. I then cleaned the MAF sensor,,, MISFIRE. I pressure tested #1, and #2 both had 126 lbs + of pressure but still,,, MISFIRE. I sprayed the entire engine with started fluid while it was at I idle looking for some type of vacuum leak, but no leak, and LOL,,, MISFIRE! Now this is only at number one, and under pressure. As long as I ease into the throttle its fine, but if I get down on it in any gear, ( it's a manual ) it was sputter and back fire until I come off it. If I stay on it to long the check engine light will start to flash. Can someone please help me. LOL.