Mobile app signatures and necro posting


Polishing my banhammer
Couple topics I have observations about. This is mostly aimed at Brent but if anyone else has anything to say, go ahead.

I've noticed that people who create signatures through the mobile app are having their signatures simply tacked onto the bottom of their posts as plain text which means it all gets quoted in subsequent replies which makes things kind of a mess. Can that be fixed so that it modifies the actual forum signature instead?

Every forum has trouble with people searching for help on a problem, finding a really old thread, and then replying to it as if the original posters will still be around to answer. Is there a feature to the forum that can automatically lock old threads that haven't been posted to in more than a year or two and remind anyone viewing to link back to the thread for reference on help with their problem? It's not a big deal, just something that bugs me.