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Moderator Board

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Announcements' started by Adam, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. Adam

    Adam Guest

    Who thinks that the moderators should have a board that only they can go in, so that if a problem comes up, we can dicuss what to do in that board. because somtimes i dont know whheather things are appropriat or not. what do you guys think?
  2. Sean

    Sean Guest

    I think its a good idea, but this board doesnt support that.
  3. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

  4. Adam for not knowing right from wrong you are fired. lol ;D
  5. new2stangs

    new2stangs Guest

    Can I take his place??? 8)
  6. bella1312000

    bella1312000 Guest

  7. Shogunstang

    Shogunstang Guest

    I cant get into the moderator section
  8. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

  9. Sean

    Sean Guest

    How about now?
  10. Rudestang

    Rudestang Guest

    Sean..... Your killing me.....I cant get in either..... Oh,maybe your tring to tell us something........ lol.... Maybe you dont want us in there..... your talking smack about us.... j/k

  11. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    go check...i just got in
  12. Sean

    Sean Guest

    Yah well, Im not the worlds greatest programmer...Im just trying to hack my way into making this stupid board do what i want.
  13. Adam

    Adam Guest

    Thanks for the board Sean.
  14. Hell_Razor

    Hell_Razor Guest

    Im with Adam....thanks for the board