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Modification tips

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by extremestang, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. extremestang

    extremestang Guest

    1. Antenna modification. Shorten it to roof level. To do this job right, use a hack saw to cut it and use pliers with an open center and slowly tap the ball of the top of the antenna. once you are happy with the hieght tapball back on new antenna and touch up paint where needed.

    2. Paint those fuel tank cover straps in the rear.
    Those ugly two straps need some life. Unbolt the straps from the plastic tank cover. Clean the piss out of the black cover and use mguires detailer on it. Second, clean your straps, primer and paint how you want. Let dry, put on black tank cover, bolt on straps and step back, it looks tight right?

    3. Tired of that nasty white, dry looking line on the upper portion of your tinted rear window. Well i havea solution that looks really good. If you know of a sign shop near your house, ask them if they can cut you a solid piece of flat black vinyl. Roughly 5 inches in hieght and the length of the window, if possible, have an expert do it so its level and just right. Im mot kiddin, it looks clean and pretty close to a perfect match. NOTE: If you have reflective tint i suggest you do not do this, it wont look right. By the way, it is durable, wont fade and will last a long time.

    4. Remember this, more is not always better. The cleaner the look the tighter it gets. To much of something can ruin the appearance your really trying to get. It can be costly too, so dont buy somethin unless you really want it, i know first hand that what might look good on a blue or black car, is not so good on a red car. Enjoy upgrading your ride. More tips next week.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Id rather spend 5 dollars at daps and get a smaller antenna i have a small black cell antenna and it cost me 5.97
  3. extremestang

    extremestang Guest

    Guest, your cell phone antenna has rings in the center? Try modifing the stock antenna to about 11 inches long and see the only diffrence is without the rings, much cleaner and free. I hope nobody buys those thick rubber lookin antennas, they dont look right on mustangs. But its your ride.
  4. sutil

    sutil Guest

    about that white space on the back window cause of tint!!!   i went to a hobby shop n got me a bottle of black GLASS STAIN n painted it from the inside... it looked the same with that dots!! hehe
    by the way i got titanium tint, sucker cost me $200 sumtin...

    custom tail light: i got me a bulb housing at pepboys same as the one for my brake lights and dremelled a hole at the bottom of my tail light that would make the housing fit. then i cut the wire for blinker on all four turn signal and hooked em up on the new housing bellow...
    now my taillight works like a cobras tail light with the exception of the ugly yellow plastic, and its hyper blinking ( fast blink )
    if u want a detail on how to do this..  ill try to make a how-to and send it to sean. hehe