Mustang 2015-2018 GT (S550) Brakes on S197


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Not sure if this is out there, but I found it...

This is not a really how to guide. This is just a list of all the parts needed, and

For starters, you need to make sure your existing rims will clear the Mustang
2015 – 2018 GT calipers, because these calipers are big, even bigger than 4
piston Brembo calipers. Most people can use 3-5mm wheel spacers to clear the

The front calipers on S550 Mustang GT are 4 piston, and cheaper when compared to the
4 piston Brembo calipers. Rather than spend $600+ on the Brembo, you should be able
get '15-'18 S550 Calipers on eBay, for half the cost, and they may come loaded.

Parts Required:
First thing you'll need is front calipers off a '15–'18 Mustang GT (S550). You can buy them
on eBay for anything between $225-$275. Make sure to buy calipers only, do not buy sets
with rotors. Some may come with pads, some may not, but you will need the pads for
those calipers as well.

The next thing needed are 14" rotors for your '05–'14. You can use plain old Centric blank
rotors, but you can buy drilled and slotted as well as long as they are 14". You only need
two of course, front left and right.

Centric Part# 120.61089 with e-coating, front left and right.

Drilled and slotted:
StopTech 127.61089L Sport Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotor (Front Left)
StopTech 127.61089R Sport Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotor (Front Right)

Slotted Only:
StopTech 126.61089SL StopTech Sport Rotor Front Left
StopTech 126.61089R StopTech Sport Rotor Front Right

Next, it's suggested that you use Stainless Steel brake lines. You CANNOT use the brake
lines from S550 calipers on an S197.

SS Brake Lines:
2005-2014 Ford Mustang Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit with ABS Front 22530F
Russell 693380 Brake Hose Kit for Mustang 05
Stop Tech 950.61003 Stainless Steel Brake Lines

The stop tech lines are poor quality, and you need to be careful installing them. The quality of banjo
bolts with this set is not good, and may break before it can be fully tightened to 26 ft-lb.

You will need a TR15 screwdriver to screw the brake line to the support on the cars body:

On the driver side, the bracket for the brake line will be in the way of the plastic cover, cut the plastic cover for it:

With the S550 Caliper on a S197, the rotor is not centered. To center the rotor, use a washer on each of the bolts used to
mount the caliper, four washers, Dorman Part # 766-014N. The washer need to be between the bolt and the caliper.

caliper < washer < spindle < bolt

The only other thing you may need is a piston compression tool.

This is what it would look like when completed:

There you have it, S550 Front Calipers on your S197.