Mustang GT, Cobra, and Mach 1 Mod Analysis Thread


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Wow...very few 5.0s posting. My turn. Bare with me...theres a lot to cover:

FRPP King Cobra clutch - Holds the power fine, but is very slow to grab. Makes the car come out soft for the first 10ft or so, then the car hauls tail. Its been in for ~3-4 years now probably, and I'm looking to replace it soon.

K&N filter & removed silencer - you know the deal...

Magnaflow catback - Great quality, good sound. Quiet at idle/cruise, opens up pretty good under WOT. :thumbup:

UPR Offroad X pipe - Good quality, easy install with the modular design. Gives a great 180* sound, sort of like the NASCAR Nextel Cup guys have. :thumbup:

MAC springs - rough ride, decent handling, no brake dive. Decent springs. Great for the price I gave ($75 shipped) I preferred my Steeda Sport Springs that were on my v6, though.

stock fox body GT front springs with my cut stock rears- junkyard said they were 4cyl springs. Junkyard was wrong. Never send your wife to pick up parts. They wouldn't give a refund :rolleyes: I threw them on anyway, and to my surprise, they lowered my car more than the MAC springs did, but rode a bit choppier, no doubt to the lower ride height.

stock '00 v6 springs with 1 coil cut front with my stock cut rears - Even lower than the stock fox springs, but again, an even choppier ride. I plan on soon dumping them for a true set of 4cyl fronts.

3.73s - :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Nothing more to say, although a set of 4.10s would be nice. :D

bumped timing (15*) - a great free mod for all you 5.0 guys out there. Stock timing is 10*, and most guys run 14*. I've went as high as 16*, but settled on 15*, as it *feels* the fastest. :thumbup:

short belted smog pump - another almost freebie. No power gains, but if you've got an offroad pipe with no air tube, and/or deleted the air injection on the heads, it gets rid of that annoying whine sound the pump makes. :thumbup:

full length SFCs - homemade SFCs. Increased the stiffness of the chassis. Made the car more stable over bumps, and helped rid the interior of quite a few squeaks and rattles. :thumbup:

underdrive pulleys - nice SOTP difference. Cheap, easy, and good power increase. Everybody not going the supercharger route needs a set. :thumbup:

180* Mr. Gasket Thermostat - Car runs cooler, but would benefit more from having the fans turn on sooner as well. Definitely not wasted money, though.

MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm wires - good wires. shouldn't have to ever buy another set. The multi angle boots that you set by hand allowed me to clear the longtube headers.

Ported lower intake - free, easy, and good gain in power. I made 310rw/tq through that intake. :thumbup: :thumbup:

White face gauges - cheap, cool looking, easy to read.

Crane 1.7 roller rockers - again cheap (do we see a trend here?), good power gain. Recommended to anyone with a 5.0 who isn't looking to put a huge cam in anytime soon. :thumbup:

Nitto Drag Radials 245/50/16s rear track - Great tires on the track. Hook hard, and I've gotten 1.82 60' times out of them several times. I know they could get 1.7Xs, but my clutch comes out soft, and have yet to get one. :thumbup:

99+ brakes - great upgrade from the 94-98 brakes. Cheap and easy to do. :thumbup:

Ported E7TE iron heads - *cough* Free *cough*ported them myself, got good gains, easy to install. What more could you ask for? :thumbup:

Crane 2031 cam - idles good, very good torque (310rwtq afterall), good top end (i shift at ~5600rpm), great midrange. It gets along well with the picky '94-95 computer. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Flowtech Longtubes - very easy install with the slip tubes. I ended up having to remove one header and weld up the slip tube, though, as it was leaking. Still, the quality on these *cheap* headers leaves much to be desired with the BBK and MACs that are usually ran. The tube entries are dead perfect. the longtube design makes great all around power, too. :thumbup:

Cobra intake with ported lower - great increase over the stock intake. I'd estimate close to a 20hp gain. The intake has plenty of beef for porting, and even in stock as cast form, comes VERY close to flowing what the Edelbrock Performer does. :thumbup: :thumbup:

70mm throttle body - no increase in power at all, but good increase in throttle response. Definitely didn't hurt power.

Pro 5.0 shifter - on my worn out tranny, I hate it. Its a good shifter, no doubt, but my synchros hate me and refuse to allow high rpm shifts with this shifter and the short handle. I have since swapped to the stock handle on the Pro 5.0, and its better, but still not perfect by a long shot.

Aeromotive AFPR - well, it increases fuel pressure. It works. Uhm...nothing more to say really. :p

The above mods have been good for a 8.510 @ 81.95mph in the 1/8. Car has more in it with a better 60'. Between my soft clutch and 2" lower ride height with no weight transfer, the 1.823 60' time on the 8.510 run really leaves a lot to be desired.


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1994 Mustang GT

ebay CAI
One piece exhaust with Flowmasters and Magnaflow straight tips
Transmission cooler

Ford Racing C-springs with Tokico shocks & struts, Prothane spring isolators and swaybar endlinks
Ford Racing 03 Cobra Front Control Arms
Moog tierod ends
Maximum Motorsports 4 bolt C/C plates

99 mustang gt rims wrapped with 245 Kumho's
Reverse indiglo gauges
Black interior- work in progress
Corbeau GTS II black cloth seats
Reflective rear bumper letters
Shifter boot
Antenna delete- not finished
MW wiper mod
Painted mirrors and cowl
Pony emblems
Bullitt pedals
Raised Gas pedal


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Nitto Drag radials 315/35/17

one of the coolest mods to my car, compared to the stock tires, these things hook incredibly, i cant spin them on the 1-2 shift. And they look completely badass. :cool: We'll see how long they last tho :eek:


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2001 Bullitt

MGW Short Throw Shifter (T-3650) Red Handle:
Even with the taller "cruising" handle this short throw is shorter then the Tri-Ax I had on my V6. There is no tranny noise like I had with the Tri-Ax (the car sounds exactly the same). MGW is the best no doubt :thumbup:

BBK O/R X-Pipe:
Installation was fairly straight forward and can be done with a set of jackstands (although a lift makes the process much easier). I've had to mess around with it a bit as I had some leaks after I installed it the first time. The rear 02 bungs are back quite a ways and even though MIL Eliminators give you another few inches of reach they still don't allow you to put the clips that hold the stock wiring in the proper place. Sound is good, has the slight rasp of the X-Pipe. The car definatly pulls harder up top (above 3k RPMs). Good mod for the money.

K&N Drop-in Air Filter:
I can't say I noticed a difference in performance, but it's better then stock. I picked it up used from Cliff, used the recharge kit from K&N to clean it, and removed the intake silencer. I don't know if I'd pay full price for one, but it's better then stock, and since I don't know if I'll be supercharging in the future it beats possibly wasting $200 on a CAI.

Mach 1 Grill Delete & Chin Spoiler:
I love the way these pieces make the car look. Worth every penny in my book. The chin spoiler lowers the front end and is a great addition without having to shell out big bucks for a different front bumper. The grill delete is excellent as well... I despise the stock honeycomb one.

MGW Cup Holder Bezel (Satin):
A great classy touch to the interior. It flows well with the Ford Bullitt pieces.

Smoked Clear Corner Headlights:
I love these. Since the Bullitt is a sleek, subtle car removing the amber off the sides of the lights makes a big difference. It was the only thing that was yellow on the car.

03/04 Cobra Mirrors:
Every 99-04 Mustang should have these. They are tremendously better then the stock plastic ones and give the car a bit more class.


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2004 Mustang GT Automatic

Hayden 26,000 GVW Transmission Cooler - $44
[Cooler - $35, Extra Hose - $5, Fittings - $4]
I actually put this on at the beinning of the year, but I didn't post about it.
Worth every penny. It keeps my transmission fluid cooler and prolongs it's life. With my very aggressive shift schedules, it was needed. But I recommend one on even a completely stock car.
The fitting that came with it sucked, but quality fittings can be picked up at a local hardware store.

Oil Seperator - $25
[seperator - $19, Hose - $2, Fittings - $4]
Made this myself to stop the oil that gets past the PCV valve and into the upper plenum. Bought the seperator at Lowes and the fittings and hose at a local auto store. Took less than 15 minutes to install and it is clearly doing it job. All I have to do is drain it when I want to.
I've also eliminated a small studder at tip-in since doing this.


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2001 Mustang Cobra.....

Engine Mods:
  • 62mm Turbonetics Turbo (Hellion Kit)
  • Turbonetics Evolution WasteGate
  • Mitsubishi bypass valve

Supporting Mods:
  • Lightning Mass Air Meter
  • Lightning Fuel Pump
  • XCAL SCT 2
  • Ford Motorsport 42lbs Injectors
  • Weld Draglites w/ 26x10.50x15 ET Drags
  • UPR Blue Thunder Shifter

Suspension Mods:
  • UPR Tubular K-Member
  • UPR Tubular Control Arms
  • UPR Coil Over Kit
  • UPR Camber & Caster Plates
  • Stock Solid 8.8 Rear w/ 3.27 Gear
  • KYB AGX Adjustable Front Struts

Random Crap:
  • AutoMeter Phantom II Boost Guage
  • AutoMeter Phantom II Fuel Pressure Guage
  • D&D Rebuilt T-3650


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2000 GT - 5sp

My mild performance mods:
-C&L Plenum
-glasspack exhaust

Proof it works? My best 1/4 run this year was 13.94 @99MPH which was done with 1/2 tank of gas, full PSI in all tires, spare tire, jack, all interior and subwoofer box still in the car

Next mods are gonna be a short throw shifter and a clutch kit


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how much is the average install price of a plenum and throttle body? Is it a pretty simple install or complicated?


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It's so easy that I would laugh at you if you paid somebody to do it:thumbup:

alright sweet, it looks easy but i wasnt sure if it was one of those installs that looks easy but turns into a pain in the ass. Thank you, that just made my decision easier :thumbup:


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alright sweet, it looks easy but i wasnt sure if it was one of those installs that looks easy but turns into a pain in the ass. Thank you, that just made my decision easier :thumbup:
Just don't overtighten the plenum bolts and you're A-okay. The plenum even has a reuseable, sturdy gasket. :thumbup:


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is anyone able to post pics of the plenum installed?

BTW: My mach 1 shocks, struts and eibach pro kit springs are being installed right now :D


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is anyone able to post pics of the plenum installed?

BTW: My mach 1 shocks, struts and eibach pro kit springs are being installed right now :D
I have a Accufab 75mm TB and a UPR 75mm plenum (similar to C&L). Please excuse the dirtiness, this pic is about a year old.


2003 Cobra

LFP Ported Eaton
2.93 pulley
2.5mac catback
UPR o/r x-pipe

All in all only spent about 800 or so for my mods and a tune. I dynoed 463hp/455tq. Pretty impressive for little mods and I am also still running the stock intake, however with any pulley change i woud get idlers, because i have some belt slip and my car looses about 2-3lbs of boost. IRS scares me though. With horror storys I've heard I don't launch my car off the line like it should be. Thats why I only run low 12s instead of what I should be running high 11s. All in all... I love my car!


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Here's a pic of my engine with my C&L upper plenum and BBK 75mm TB:thumbup:


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Eibach pro kit spring: Good drop and still a nice ride, not too rough at all. I also installed mach 1 shocks and struts and will be getting bbk c&c plates put on next week.


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2004 Mustang GT

Mach1 calipers, s/s braided lines, Brembo 13" rotors - $335.07
Definitely a worthwhile modification. The pedal feel is very solid and the stopping distance has been greatly reduced over the OEM GT brake setup. Everything was a simple swapping process with no problems or snags whatsoever.

2003/2004 Cobra mirrors - $200.00
These drastically cleaned up the looks the exterior. I won an auction with the mirrors already painted, so it was an easy ten minute swap with the stock equipment.