My $1300, 2005 Mustang

Ok so I bought another V6 mustang. BUT this was pretty much a deal I couldn't pass up. Since I'm driving the Saturn right now, I think that this will make for a better daily driver than the Saturn, and I have every intention of either dropping a 5.0 into it, or if I'm too lazy I'll just flip it for a profit when I'm done. And it's kinda cool cause it's the same model and color as my wife's.

Story is I had a girl trade this 05 mustang in for a Jeep. After much arguing with my manager who wanted to give her $5k for her car, I convinced him to give her $1000 for it. Had to replace the battery in her Jeep and since we weren't making any money on the deal in the first place, boss said he was tacking it onto the cost of the trade making it $1200. I get to buy cars for $100 over our cost, hence $1,300 mustang.

It's Satin Silver exactly like my wifes, even has the same black stripe and all. V6 Automatic with red leather. Now let's get into the bad. This girl was the biggest pig you've seen in your entire life. Here's some pics from when I first traded the car in.

The disgusting trunk

And yes if you're wondering, those are thank god unused tampons laying in the back.

Day 1
So after getting a ****ing mask and gloves, I start emptying the trunk out.

Yes that is her nasty ass old underwear and bra in the trunk

Along with empty vodka bottles, fast food wrappers, and more I found 9 of these in the trunk. Apparently she would just eat yogurt, and toss the empty container into the trunk.

Day 2
Moved to the inside. Let us look at how disgusting this bitch was.
The film of dirt on every inch of everything

That's not discoloration, it's a film of dirty nasty **** over it.

Yep, that black **** is mold on the leather

And yes that white **** you see in the back of all the trash, had some mold in the carpet.

I don't even know how the **** she got stuff down into the shifter.

So I pull out the extractor and scrub brush and hit the carpet with hot water, and some chemicals.

Day 3
Decided to get to work on some of the interior stuff. Let us look at the E-brake. Groce!

Not perfect, but much better.

Now lettuce see what made me almost puke. I start using a screw driver to chip the stuck coins out of the drink holder.

But one of the detailers gave me some all purpose to spray in and leave it over night.

I come back and find that some of it has drained. Oh great, now it's a sludge and where did the liquid go? Well I put some gloves on and start feeling around to find that there is what appears to be a hole in the rear of the cup holder. But it isn't. There is apparently and insert in there I didn't know about.

What I found under the insert almost made me puke.

So I took the wet vac and sucked it out, then got to cleaning.

They came out pretty good.
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I have no clue what this is or how to get it off. Any suggestions?

Today I stuck the spare tire on so that I can move it around the parking lot and drive it to Brice's house.

Gonna get the tire repaired on Friday

Decided to try to fix the door sill plate so I finished peeling it all the way off.

And got to cleaning with the intention of double sided taping the plate back onto the door sill.

Except that when it was done, I didn't dislike it. I kind of like it better without the plate. So for now that's how it's staying.
And just an hour ago I decided to move on to the shifter. Because of the ketchup packets and **** in there it was sticking and really hard to push it down into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even back into drive from there.

So I got some pliers and went to work pulling the trash out.

Got to cleaning out the stickiness inside with a toothbrush and some all purpose.

And sprayed some WD-40 in there.

And in the end...

And that's it for now. Gonna try and post some more as I go.
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I admire what you're doing here in spite of the daunting nastiness. Did the former owner smoke? In all of that I didn't notice much in the way of ash.

Just my $0.02 were I you: All that foodstuffs in there surely attracted creepy crawlies. I'd be thinking of pulling the interior apart or maybe a poison that's easy to clean and dissipate.

Keep it up!
I admire what you're doing here in spite of the daunting nastiness. Did the former owner smoke? In all of that I didn't notice much in the way of ash.

Just my $0.02 were I you: All that foodstuffs in there surely attracted creepy crawlies. I'd be thinking of pulling the interior apart or maybe a poison that's easy to clean and dissipate.

Keep it up!
She did not smoke, and surprisingly changed the oil regularly. I'm actually going tomorrow to take out the seats and center console then pull the carpet. I'm going to spray the carpet down with vinegar/water mix, then pressure wash it and let it dry out. The rear seats I'll also find out tomorrow if I can get clean or not.


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At first I was like "talk manager down from $5000 to $1000? Thats kinda shitty." But then I see the car. I don't doubt the price now. Thats utterly awful.

Keep up the good work!
At first I was like "talk manager down from $5000 to $1000? Thats kinda shitty." But then I see the car. I don't doubt the price now. Thats utterly awful.

Keep up the good work!
To be honest, I probably would have given her $5k for the car, if I wasn't buying it. I only talked the trade in value down because I had already planned to buy the car as soon as she told me she wanted to trade it in.

And thanks!

Unfortunately I didn't get to strip the seats out Sunday like I wanted. My friend bailed on me so I'm going to try and pull the front seats out one night after work, then pull the back seats out another night, and scrub it up on Thursday. Thinking I can let it dry out and put it back together on Sunday.


What a great deal! Makes me appreciate the shape my '05 vert is in. But if it's only cosmetic and the mechanicals check ouit, it was a steal. Good luck on thye project, and keep us posted on how it goes and what you do to/with it. I'm interested.


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Unfortunately I have seen a lot of this kind of nasty behavior, especially in girls. It really is disgusting. I told my kids, if they ever wanted me to work on their cars they had to be clean first.
Got a lot more work done on it yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't get that many pictures. Kinda got into working and forgot about snapping pics.

Started by pulling the seats out.

This is where the mold was growing under the passenger seat.

And I don't know wtf this is but it was under the rear seat. It wasn't as liquidy as it looks either. I stuck my gloved finger in it, and it felt like glue.

Then I had to move on to getting the center console out. Thank you savior Brice for having metric tools!

Turns out that cover for the shifter, straight up missing. It wasn't pushed up further in there or anything, it's just gone.

Weird stack of change that was stacked UNDER the center console. Weird.

After getting the center console out I spent a lot more time pulling random plastic covers out, and also was able to get to the shifter and clean it out better. Didn't really take any pictures though.

Got back to pulling the carpet up. Found out neither Brice nor myself had the right size Torix screwdriver to take the seat belts out, so I used a razor blade. Also wasn't about to start pulling the dash to get the carpet that runs behind the dash so I used a razor blade there too.

So I got to pulling it out, and groce!

I had actually already cleaned a bit here, but I just got to town with a scrub brush, tooth brush, and purple power.

It was so groce I literally scrubbed, then took a hose to the inside of the car.

And only AFTER taking the wet vac to get the water out did I find the drain plug.

But it was def looking much better. And the smell was gone. Hopefully when I go back next week it will smell like JDM Squash.

Then I got to the seats!

Hosed them down and took a tooth brush to them a couple times, left them in the sun to dry out.

That's pretty much where I left off. I peeled all the insulation out of the car and off the bottom of the carpet. I may either clean the carpet next week, or take it to get it pressure washed and steamed.


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You got it cheap, but imagine if you had to pay someone to clean it to this level ! Sweat equity,
Going to work on this Thursday. Want to try and salvage the carpet if possible.

Gonna use this

Followed by some of this


And then I'll hose it all down with one of these.

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I'm curious how the chemistry will work. Hydrogen peroxide tends to be pretty reactive. Very high concentrations can turn stuff white
Well I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to yesterday, but I did make some progress.

Stopped to get some cleaning supplies on the way.

Got there, checked out the seats I cleaned last week to see how they turned out after they dried. Not too bad.

Time to mix up some chemicals. I did some research, and it turns out the white vinegar is really good for neutralizing and killing mold. said:
Use white vinegar to kill and remove mold in your home.
1. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Do not dilute the vinegar.
2. Apply the vinegar to the moldy surface. You might need to scrub the mold away to remove it totally.
3. Leave the vinegar to sit for about half an hour. Then rinse and wipe the surface with water.
4. The vinegar smell should go after a few hours.

So I poured some vinegar in a spray bottle and pulled the carpet out.

First thing to do is Purple Power that carpet and let it sit.

While the Purple power is soaking into the carpet, I thought I'd go check under the hood. Not concerned with the dirty yet, just want to make sure it isn't leaking oil.

So I got some Deep Purple from my old boss and went to town on it. It still needs to be scrubbed with a small brush, but for now it isn't caked in dirt and I'll be able to see if it's leaking anything anywhere.

Now that the carpet has sat for a while, it's time to cover it in vinegar. Both front and back.

Now that's gotta sit for 30 - 60 minutes while it kills the mold spores, so in the mean time I decided to do some other stuff.

Mix up the Dawn & Peroxide to make a good carpet cleaner. FYI, this makes a great carpet cleaner for your home too.

So in the mean time I decided to get back to work on the inside. You may remember how there was something on under the stereo/climate control I couldn't get out. Looks like whatever it was, was superglued almost.
(previous pic for reference)

So I decided to take that whole piece out.

Since I needed to let the vinegar sit for a little longer I took a look at the shifter. Remember how it was super gross inside with ketchup packets and stuff? Well it was because the cover for the top of the shifter was broken.
(previous pic for reference)

Well it turns out that the cover piece was just stuck back up in the shifter. So with some needle nose pliers I was able to pull it out. Unfortunately you can see I nicked the silver plaster trim a little bit, but I think I can take some fine sand paper and sand it down softly so that it's not even noticeable.

The good news about that is that the top cover also controls the little red piece that tells you what gear you are in, so it won't be permanently stuck next to the P now. I think 2 tiny dabs of Krazy Glue and I can attach it back to where it goes.

Now that I'm done with that, I threw the carpet in the trunk of the Saturn and drove it up to my work.

Pulled out the pressure washer and a scrub brush. Soaked the carpet front and back in the "home made carpet cleaner" (dawn+peroxide) and used the scrub brush to go to town.

For some of the parts I had to break out the poly bristle brush and really scrub it good.

Pressure washed it all down.

Then laid it out to dry.

Pretty much done for the day.

Got home and pulled out the pieces I gotta sand down. That's the trim that goes around the stereo/climate control as well as the trim that goes around the shifter. Unfortunately I broke two tabs on the trim pieces, here's to hoping I can make do without them.

Gonna sand these down and paint them later this week. And what car project is complete without a good beer.

Will find out how the carpet turned out shortly when I got flip it over.


Wow! Looks great so far. Glad to see you were able to fix the shifter. Mine broke the same way, but unfortunately the shift indicator ribbon was torn off the slide cover and crinkled up so badly, it was beyond repair. But I did manage to make a new one and figured out a way to attach it. Now all I need is a picture of a complete shifter assembly showing how the gear indicator is illuminated. I want to see how close my repair job looks to the original.