My cousin needs some votes


The Coors Knight
Here's the email I got, here's the link: . Vote if you feel compelled. Thanks.

Cliff notes: Their business is after a $1000 small business grant.

As I mentioned before, we’re making our last run at the $1000 small business grant offered by To do this, we need your vote. But before I ask you to support us with your vote, let me tell you how we plan to use the $1000 to help small businesses and entrepreneurs like you succeed.

If we are lucky enough to win, we plan to use the support in two areas:
1) We launched Veel Hoeden "on the cheap" to get the ball rolling in October and now have over a month of experience and learning regarding what makes the space work, what members are using, and our short-term and mid-term needs. Specifically, we’d like to upgrade our internet service to allow for more bandwidth, allowing more businesses to use our space concurrently, as well as allowing for utilization of such things as voice over IP (VOIP) phone service, video conferencing, and online seminars. Because most of our members are using cell phones as their primary phone service, we’d also like to purchase a cell phone booster for the space to improve cell phone reception. We’d also like to invest in a LCD monitor for use by members presenting in our conference room and some "green" technology for temperature and energy usage controls to manage our costs.
2) We would like to offer regular events to help other entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. We’ll start this by offering 2 “Idea Exchange” events that allow entrepreneurs to bring their ideas, share them with a large group, and facilitate collaborative discussion around moving these ideas forward. We’d like to offer these sessions on a regular basis, and although the costs for these sessions are modest, we’d like to keep them free of charge for participants. Our hope is that if we’re able to get 20-30 participants per session and even 10% (2-3) ideas move forward to become businesses, these sessions could have a significant impact on the local economy over the course of 6-12 months. More info on these sessions can be found at

We’ve gone after this contest twice and been “the bridesmaid” instead of the bride both times. This time we’re changing our strategy. Instead of pushing this out and hoping we get 1500 individual votes, we’re looking for 100 people to commit to voting for us for 15 straight days. Of course, 50 people committing to lodging 2 votes a day (home & work, home and phone, home & friend) for 15 days works just as well. Remember, only one vote per day per computer network, so it is likely that the best place to vote is from home (because we don’t all live together, but many of us work together). Regardless, we’re asking you to support us by doing the following:
· Use the attached calendar event to remind you to vote daily. It’s set for 6pm (hopefully when you are home), but feel free to edit it for the time that works best for you. Forward it to your work pc and set the time for a moment during your work day that will allow you to vote quickly and get back to work. To save this to your calendar, open it, make edits, and click save.

· Email me back if you commit to voting for us daily. This helps us understand how much we need to push for votes or remind folks if votes don’t seem to match with committals. If you also plan to commit others to voting for us, let me know that as well.

· If you plan to get others to vote for us, please forward this whole email. I want people to understand what we’re doing so they know why it matters.

· If you are willing, post a request for your friends to vote for us on Facebook or Twitter, but tell them why YOU care about our entry. They like you, they want to support what you like… they won’t support a random web link with “Please vote” next to it.

· VOTE! Starting Nov. 16 at noon, you should vote daily until November 30. Vote from home, work (if possible), and your phone. If you have a cellular card for your laptop, use it too (if you have one of these email me and I’ll share a tip with you). Vote here:

Thanks in advance for your help. We look forward to seeing the votes come in, and God willing, sharing the rewards of our victory via improved resources and events with small businesses and entrepreneurs like you!

Thanks & God Bless,

Joel Bennett