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My Turn @ Pulling the Trigger on a Twin Turbo

Discussion in 'Personal Projects and Builds' started by 6 Shooter, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. 6 Shooter

    6 Shooter Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2013
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    Dallas, TX
    Been hacking away doing at least 15 slow rev data logs on an gradual uphill street in my area. Now have access to more parts of the SCT tune and the section I was most interested in was the Front O2 bias section. Was getting most often a 10% more lean in the driver's side than the passenger side. With all the data logs and tune experimentation, have now gotten the results to mostly 1-3% differences. To make changes actually occur, multiple tables must be changed such as timing, bank to bank bias, MAF A/F ratios, O2 upper and lower limits and O2 Transport delay to name a few. The process is not so simple as changing a single number and watching the car respond. Part of the challenge is trying to interpret what Ford Engineers had intended and then guessing where a change or batch of changes needs to occur. And, the changes occur in Closed Loop where the PCM tries to fight the changes a tuner wants/needs to make. The challenge is to trick the PCM after increasing the fuel injectors and the MAF by 500%. It's been doable, but a challenge and many data log analyses.