NEED a schematic on REAR MAIN SEAL


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sorry if i'm in the wrong forum.
but i'm looking for a schematic for the rear main seal on the motor.
not the front. just the rear.
2001 mustang v6 3.8



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This probably should go in Engine Tech. Are you asking for instructions on replacing the rear main seal or just a diagram?

The Ford service CD for your car is available at and it has instructions, but they want you to use special tools for everything.

Below I pasted the instructions from, because I'm not sure the link will work. They don't have a repair guide for 2001, so I looked up a 98 Mustang. 2001 should pretty much be the same, however the 2001 Ford service CD says the tool is Service Set, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal 303-S524 (T95T-6701-AR)

Autozone, advance, and other parts stores rent slide hammers for free, and they may rent the installer tools (which probably don't match the tool numbers listed, but will probably work fine), or someone else may post another method for installing the seal.

3.8L and 5.0L Engines

See Figure 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable for safety.

Remove the flywheel or flexplate for access to the rear main seal.


Use extreme caution not to scratch the crankshaft oil seal surface.

Carefully punch 2 holes in the crankshaft rear oil seal on opposite sides of the crankshaft, just above the bearing cap-to-cylinder block split line. Install a sheet metal screw in each of the holes or use a small slide hammer to pry the crankshaft rear main oil seal from the block.

Fig. 1: The one piece rear main seal on these engines is installed with a special installation tool-the specifications shown are for the 5.0L engine

To install:

Clean the oil seal recess in the cylinder block and main bearing cap.

Coat the seal and the seal mounting surfaces with oil.

Position the seal on rear main seal installer T82L-6701-A, or equivalent, then position the tool and seal to the rear of the engine.

Alternate tightening the seal installer tool bolts until the seal is properly seated. The rear face of the seal must be within 0.005 in. (0.127mm) of the rear face of the block for 5.0L engines, or within 0.020 in. (0.508mm) for 3.8L engines.

Install the flywheel or flexplate, as applicable.

Connect the negative battery cable.


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If you do a fair amount of work on your car, or if your just curious like me, then I would highly suggest getting the Ford CD. Its free and it tells you EVERYTHING