Need help trouble shooting over heating problem


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I just bought myself a 02 mustang. 3.8 v6. Iv been having some over heating problems. And yes my car does shut down if the motor gets too hot. In which i have to sit and let it cool down before starting it again. From what im understanding my mustang only has the one sensor. Iv noticed my cooling fan is not coming on. Is there away for me to check fan before i replace. Iv located the fuse on top of motor and its good. Not finding a fuse for it unde dash tho. Any help would be appreciated.


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It's usually the Thermostat. My son's 2002 did the same thing, and that's
all that needed replaced. His fan did not come on either...

Pete fender

Pete Fender
Mine was overheating, bad pump.
Replaced the pump, thermostat, and checked with a pressure tester.
Everything looked god, but the car was still running hot.
In the process of doing the things you do to a 2000 V^ Mustang with just over 251,000 miles, I replaced the timing chain and tensioner.
Now, the car runs a lot cooler.