New Gauge Cluster replacement lens, modifying a 99-04 for use on 94-98


New replacement gauge cluster lenses are not available for first gen (94-98) SN95 Mustangs. However, replacement lenses ARE available for the second gen (99-04) New Edge cars. The lens "looks" identical, and the mounting holes are the same, but my research says that the "difference/change" lies with the "Odometer Reset Button" being different. I'm not sure, but I believe in the 99-04 lens the reset button is longer and sticks out further on the back.

A website that sells replacement lenses call Carbon Driven states that the 99-04 lens can be used on a 94-98 car, but mentions this: Ford factory oem 1999-2004 XR3Z-10890-AA will fit Mustangs from 1996-1998 with minor modification to trip odometer pin on your dash gauge cluster.

1996-1998 Mustang Dash Cluster Lens

However, they do not go into detail as to what "modification" needs to be done.

I was wondering if anyone on this site has done the modification and could share/explain what is involved?


Pete fender

Pete Fender
I've not done this, but it may be that you have to extend the odometer button a bit, so it pushes the button inside the cover.
A drop of Super Glue, and a small piece of plastic.


Oh really, I was thinking it was the other way around, that the revised lens had a "longer" reset button. Heck, if what you're saying is true, that shouldn't be all that difficult to modify. Thanks for the info, much appreciated...

Also thinking out loud, I wonder if the rest button shaft itself could be swapped out from my old lens...?