New here, first car


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Hey all, a couple months back I bought my first car. A 1998 3.8l 5 speed hardtop. There is no denying that its a little sluggish and I purchased the car with the idea of making it my first daily project. I spanned websites looking at the benefits of intake swaps, headers, exhausts, all the way to forged internals with a supercoupe supercharger. I even just like the idea of matching the horsepower of the newedge v6 but I'm honestly just looking for the most efficient way to squeeze the maximum horsepower out of my engine without ruining the car because of my inexperience. I've even taken a look at supersixmotorsports for their intakes but most reviews seems to denounce the company plus their prices are massive. I am already planning on doing a cold air intake for that extra couple hp. Any ideas where I should start with this car? Comparatively it is one of the cheapest project cars out there and I do want to make the most of it.

-Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.


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The first thing I would look at would be a CAI and a tuner kit, an exhaust would also be a fun way to start off, would probably be your best bet in finding parts, but all in all it all comes down to how much your willing to spend on one of the weaker engines.


Welcome...I'd look into a super coupe supercharger before blowing money nickel and diming off a website. American muscle has junk like plugs and coil packs that are useless