New Here! Work in Progress

Aaron Shugart

New Member
Good evening everyone! Name is Aaron. I'm from Texas. I am currently in school to become and auto technician. I used to work on Helicopter engines in the Navy. I own a 2001 Mustang. Base model. The car had originally been in a school for students to learn how to do body work. So a lot of the body on it has been custom made. With this being said, it also has some issues like any work in progress car. Recently I had just redone all the brakes on it, I have replaced the valve cover gaskets and also one of my heating core tubing lines. I also have other leak points to check and get sealed up but I have been on the fence lately of either getting rid of the car or keeping it and make it into something that I truly want to keep. I have big plans for this vehicle. Hopefully I will be able to continue the project and let it evolve into something that is worthwhile.