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I had a 96 GT car that I drag raced. I recently wrecked it at the track and picked up an 03 v6 in plans to swap everything over to, engine, trans rear end. I also plan on going to a Holley Ecu.

That’s the easy stuff. What will I need to keep from my wrecked car to swap over in order to complete this swap? I’ve read something about the CCRM? I would also like to go to manual steering but keep the vacuum brake assist - is that possible?

Any other items I’m missing from my old car that I would need to keep???


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Well, quite a number of headaches await. First off, it would be smart to switch the entire wiring harness, the instrument cluster, engine, trans, PCM, engine and trans mounting brackets, and all sensors, coil pack, etc. from the wrecked car to have a reasonable chance. The 96 PCM looks at pounds of air; the 2003 PCM measures air in metrics. The 2003 PCM in the tune can switch to v-8 stuff, but the V-6 wiring will not switch switch over. The instrument cluster and the sensor around the key are tied to the 2003 PCM to prevent theft and all three would have to be either modified through the tune or removed and rewired for the Holley. The CCRM had relays in it which control the returnless fuel pump and the radiator fan, and maybe another thing or two. The 2003 V-6 fuel tank would work, but the 96 is return style, the V-6 is a returnless system. I have a modified fuel hat for a return style fuel system that would fit in the V-6 tank which you can have. Then, you would need to run new fuel lines and a mechanical fuel regulator. Done both in my car. The 2003 PCM wiring harness contains 104 pins and wires and 6 wires to fire the coils. Can send you a spreadsheet of wire colors and pin locations for the 2003 PCM wiring harness, which is critical. Look here for a long history with photos along the way of just converting to a twin turbo 2000 V-6 (1) My Turn @ Pulling the Trigger on a Twin Turbo | V6 Mustang Forums .

You did not mention, but what will be the car's purpose; street, dual purpose, or drag car?