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Hey V6Mustang Forum,

I am an old member here who used to go under the handle 'yodman.' Haven't been an active part of the community since I sold my 2011 V6 car back in 2012. More on that later.

Anyways, I'm about to re-enter the fold here with another S197 V6 car! I found it on Friday, saw it on Sunday, and will be going in to make the deal on Thursday. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited!

Car I'm looking at is a 2012 V6, base model with the spoiler and stripe package. Grabber Blue, dark charcoal interior, 6 speed manual, 44k miles, and a price that's appealing, but I'm hoping to massage a little.

Car linked here: https://www.garberchevroletsaginaw....2-ford-mustang-v6-rwd-coupe-1zvbp8am6c5209610

Couple personal pictures of the car here:

Carfax is nice and clean. It was someone's personal company car. Seems to have been well taken care of, apart from the tires. They're old. Possibly originals. The price needs to reflect that, and it'll be pointed out. There's some weird overspray on the roof drip rails indicating repaint and/or repair of either the roof panel or driver side outer roof edges.

Basically, the car is listed for $14,100, and I think it ought to be closer to $12,500 based on condition, similar cars for sale, tire conditions, and for my own sake. Main reason this is happening is to reduce my current monthly payment over the next 3 years. Anywhere I can save, I will take advantage.

Moving on!

In the past, I've owned two other V6 cars, and I currently own a tidy 1990 LX 5.0 fox body.


Anyways, glad to be back! Hope this deal works out! Super excited to be shopping for one anyways!

Project thread will start once I get it. Restore it back to snuff, get some protection on it to prevent my dirt roads and our nasty Michigan winters from tearing it up, and do some nice modifications to amplify the daily driving experience I remember so well from my 2011.

Thanks for having me!



Horsin' Around
Needless to say, we struck a deal I was satisfied with. Brought her home on August 2nd!

By last night I was already on set of wheels #3. The original tires from 2012 were on the car, two non matching. That made the switch to the 07-09 Shelby wheels occur Saturday morning. I've had these since my last 2011 car. They were rot free, although old, and also bald. Effectively no tread on the rear. Wheels still quite clean. Then came the Bullitts I bought last night. $300 bought me some tires with great tread, and wheels with some mild corrosion I intend to play with. I think I'm gonna try white on the faces for a bit. See how it goes. These will be my winter wheels since the original wheels are actually quite nice still. Worth selling.

In case pictures below don't work:





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I’m glad you was able to strike a deal and make it happen. The wheels look great on the car and man the grabber blue is a awesome color on the mustangs in my opinion. When I got my Kona 2012 GT I kicked myself a little while for not getting the grabber blue.