...new pics of the mach...


Thinical Bath Turd
been a busy few days for me and the mach... last weekend i got my exhaust on:

jlt rai
mac catted prochamber
slp loudmouth II's

today, i cleaned her up and got some new rubber put on. my bfg kdw2's. took her to a nice place and snapped off some shots showing off her new things. what ya'll think?

i know, low quality pics... but all i can afford is a point and shoot. :( :crazy:


Dirtbike Aficionado
I dont like the black pony. Paint the Steeda wing red and the car would look awesom(er)!

The KDWs look :drool: too.


Thinical Bath Turd
nice man.. but the mach needs to be slammed!!
i'm gonna do it right. when i drop my mach, i'm gonna do it with a coilover kit. i could buy cheap springs, but my performance will suffer because of going the cheap route.

right now, my mach will run side by side / better than my friends slammed mach. thing is his mach is a manual and he has better mods. he should be blowing my doors off, but slamming his mach (cutting his springs) has cut his performance down. he even wanted to trade springs, but i told him that i prefer performance over looks.

as ugly as my 4x4 stance looks, it helps me in the performance area... check out the second race in this vid (against my buddy's z06):


he got me top end though... :( :lol:

but, if i get forced induction and launch like that on him again... ;)


Thinical Bath Turd
why do u like that wing lol? you goto the beach a lot and need a towel rack?

i love ur exhaust tips tho..
it makes a handy table... no, seriously... it does. at car shows / events i put food on my wing and pull up my folding chair. :uhh:

it looked better when i had rear louvers on my mach, but they were the cheap plastic ones, so i took them off. eventually i'll get the metal ones. always liked the louvered look and it fits more cause i now have a mach 1.


Thinical Bath Turd
lowering your car isn't going to slow you down, your friend probably just cant drive.
why get drag springs then? or a coilover kit?

i've had eibach prokits or my old v6:

http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g26/Ichiduo/new stang/FILE0012.jpg

it sat real nice but rode like **** and drove the same at the track. what more with my mach? i'll wait for my coilovers. :D

not in a rush anyway. rather do it right the first time / do my research, rather than going el cheapo route (lowering springs just to get the "look" and lose performance) and having to redo my mistake.