New TB and MAF


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So, I was wondering, should I invest in a larger throttle body and maf now or have I still not reached the point where they are becoming bottlenecks for the system? Right now, the only upgrades to the engine is the turbo kit at 4 psi (will be running 10 in the future) and the splitport swap.


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I know that when you up the boost that the stock MAF will flip out, but I don't know about the throttle body. I'm sure replacing both wouldn't hurt.


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The MAF will only peg if you exceed its ability to measure the incoming air but at 4 psi im good...but I dont know where it pegs at nor do I know what it will act like at 10 psi.

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2007 4.6L GT
I think the MAF will peg with 10psi but that's just my feeling on it. But at 10psi I believe you'll have to upgrade more then just the MAF. I'm sure someone who's done it will chime in eventually .... probably more of a power adder question though.