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    Feb 13, 2018
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    Hilliard OH
    Just got into Mustangs over the past year. I have two.

    2013 Coupe, Black, 3.7l V6, 6 speed manual, Performance Pack. Bone stock with the exception of Borla mufflers added by previous owner. Purchased fall 2017 as a daily driver. I really like the car except for the Sync system. Might end up autocrossing it, but I have a co-drive for the upcoming year.

    2006 Coupe Yellow / Black, 4.0l V6, 5 speed manual. This is an SCCA T4 race car. We are allowed mild mods such as exhaust, better brake pads and ducting, reprogram the ECU, limited suspension changes to springs / shocks / bars. Just finished running the SCCA Runoffs at IMS last fall. 2018 will be a development year as they gave us more allowances on the car, and plan on doing the SCCA Runoffs in 2019 at VIR.

    About me: Been playing with cars forever. Prefer road race / autocross to drag racing. Participate in the SCCA Solo Nats most every year, and have done the SCCA Runoffs three times. Have typically raced smaller cars (CRX, RX7, Sentra SE-R, Neon). Run my own business, Advisory and Consulting Services LLC, which provides executive search / permanent placement services to small to mid sized firms. We tend to focus on IT and related, but have done a bit of everything through the years. Also have some other hobbies like obstacle racing and doing open mic's as half of "Accordion Joe and Filthy Rich".