New with problems


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Hi I'm Kathy, I got a 2000 Blazer this last summer, I never really wanted it I'm particular, but I started liking it, than it started, the gas gauge didn't work so the fuel pump had to be replaced, than the water pump went out and I replaced it, did a back flush on the heater core and finally got a little heat out of it, back wiper didn't work, and the more I looked on line, the more I started thinking it was gonna end up one of those that everyoneE you fixed something, another thing would break. So the second I had a chance to get rid of it and get back to my beloved mustangs, I took it off course. Traded it straight across for a red 2000 mustang convertible v6. Well the top had a few tears on the surface and the window is falling out, big deal. But when I would shift from reverse to drive I noticed a delay before it would go forward, and usually a huge bang from the rear when it did go, and when I would take my foot off the gas pedal, it would jerk to the passenger side than back the other way when I hot the gas again. Ok, so than I was going up a mt. rd. And suddenly it would barley go forward, I didn't even have it a month, checked tranny fluid a few times and it was fine but now it was so low it wouldn't register on the dip stick. Reverse still works fine, filled up tranny fluid and went on my way, stop signs and suck would be the issue than, as far as getting started again, than I got stuck in some mud and when I got it out, no more forward, just reverse. Lifted it on Jack stands, too off tranny pan, no meatal, no slipping unless you count the delay and Slam it did before, but like I said it was in the rear as was the back and forth jerking stepping on our off the gas. In the air the wheels go forward. Everyone I talk to say my tranny is toast, I just can't fight my feeling its not and it has something to do with the bang clang in the rear. Any thoughts?