NHL Playoffs


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I don't always watch hockey, but when I do I watch the Flyers...

Keep fighting my friend...:thumbup:



Go Green! Go White!
I hate Pittsburgh so much.


I think that they're probably the most hated team in the NHL because of Sindey and her girlfriends. :thumbdown:

Good win for the Wings. :datass: Although the refs made some pretty dumb calls, along with a couple dumb plays by Bertuzzi and Franzen (glad to see him get back from that hit), we did play well. Hopefully Zetterberg gets healthy for game 3.


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Go Caps , up 2-0 on Rangers...I went to the Wash. Nationals vs Mil. Brewer game Friday night and the Nats won too....


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Really enjoyed the Boston/Montreal game last night, though i don't particularly like either of them.

Looks like the Bruins are in a world of ****,