NHL Playoffs


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Missing the game tonight because I'm actually playing hockey (yes I've actually stuck with it - if you remember my noobish thread from last year).

We'll see how it goes


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so glad the wings can rest. let the hawks tie up the series, i think they'll win tonight but hopefully they drag it out to 7 games. everyone else is looking like a 6 game series at least, for the most part.


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u got the 357 in their mouth, now just splatter their brains all over the wall. :taylor:
or do you lack the killer instinct? :coolface:


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Well I'm torn. I have been a Wings fan longer than Tampa has even had a team. But now I watch more Lightning games. I am just happy both of my teams made it. Now, if Tampa could get one more win to take it to game 7 that would be GREAT.
hes a goon, thats why. same player commits 2 penalties in this vid

There is no way PK Subban is a "goon". Just because the way he plays is effective and adds much needed attitude to a otherwise depleted team, does not mean he is a goon.