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Justang and I went to Palmdale to the LACR for a little racing. I only went 4 times and didn’t do too well. I only had one run that I felt was good. I had problems on the others. I ran out of gas so I limited my runs to 4.
Justang was having a rough evening from the start. He went a total of like 8 times I think.

First a list of mods:
Dual exhaust, 2.25” w/ flomasters, no crossover

Dual exhast, 2.5” w/ flowmasters, h-pipe
3.73 gears with t-lok.
Ram air.

Now look at these time. The first slip is of us together. Ignore Justin’s MPH. They were a little off. He was not going 118mph.
The second was just Justin.


Now look at these time. The first slip is of us together. Ignore Justin’s MPH. They were a little off. He was not going 118mph.
The second was just Justin.

Looking at these times I would have to say that either Justin cant drive worth crap or there is something wrong with the car.

We hear that it’s a crappy track and its slow. We didn’t get the time we had hoped for. But how well. It was a good time.

I have vids. I will put up later.


To say the least, I’m a little ticked off. I mean I’m not taking anything away from pat or his car, but with my mods I should have smoked him. And yet he beat me. I got him once, but we both stunk it up. Here’s the deal. My car is dying at about 4500-5000 rpms. The car starts to hesitate and almost feels like a slight stall at those rpms. You can’t see it in the vids, but if you were in the car with me you would feel it. At the end of the track I’m in 3rd gear and it’s almost to redline. So everytime I got there the car would just slow down. I’m very angry to say the least. I also found out that ram air does exactly DICK! I ran it the first couple times and I didn’t do very well. Then I took it off and ran just the stock air box. No difference. Ram air on/ram air off, it felt the same… and the numbers were the same… shitty!

I think my superchip is messing with my car. That’s why I’m going to go with the ford chip. My bumper should be getting replaced so I’m going to a different type of cai… look at my posts in “off topic.” So those two things should be cleared up. But then I started to wonder about my exhaust being too large. It is 2.5”. Maybe I need the dragon pack to pump more air into the car.

I went to the track hoping for a run in the 14’s expecting somewhere in the low to mid 15’s. I about popped a vein when I couldn’t even get into the 15’s! Needless to say I’m still a little angry. With my performance mods, and with my suspension mods I should be doing better. Traction was also a problem. Kept spinning and spinning.

I was told this track was really slow… and shitty for that matter. But I went anyway. It was windy and humid… yet a little cold.

But I did get a really nice reaction time for my first time out at the track. .581.
My best 60ft time is 2.287
But my best ¼ mile time is 16.2… that sucks donkey dong!

I’m a little irritated with my car. I’ve put all this money into it and it’s slower than stock… wtf? There has to be something wrong with the car! My driving can’t be that bad!


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Hehe..I remember you always sayin how cool ram air is. :D

Well I hope its somethin you can fix...

Brian M

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I think you should of let some air out of the rear tires. To the tune of 13-14 psi, not to much lower or my guess you'll bog the motor comin of the line. The mods you'e listing might take a half second off your time, if that. The rest is depending on driver skill and track conditions. That problem your talking about at 4500-5000 rpm sounds like your hitting the limter. We go to Fomoso up in Bakersfield, really good track, might want to tune your car and try up there some time. By the way, not a bad 60ft for the first time out. A side note, depending on the exhaust set-up your using, you could actually take power away from your car, rather then gain from it. A 2.25 set-up is the preffered exhaust diameter on a six. If your planning on getting a new chip, have them remove the limiter permently, and i dought its the chip fuggin up on you. If you ever want to go up to Fomoso some weekend, let me know, i'd be glad to help you out. Later man. :D


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if the links to the vids arent working just go here.

we were thinking about swtiching car. but i was out of gas.

the track wasnt that great. i think its like up about 2000ft. and it was nice and windy too. head and slight cross wind.


brian, I don't think it was a limiter that I was hitting. because I could get it past redline, and once I was past that hesitation the car pulled fine again. so something is going wrong between 4500 and redline. I really think it's the chip, since superchip reburnt it for my gears it's been acting up. it'll kill my car sometimes while I'm driving, and other times it won't let my car start. my superchip has had it.

yeah, I'm sure lot's of it is my driving. and I have my tires at 35psi... maybe that's why I couldn't grip anything. lol. I would love to go to Fomoso. that's not to far of a drive for me. I need all the help I can get. I really thought with my mods I could hit a 14.xx. now I just want 15's. when do you plan on going next? my car will be getting painted sometime this summer... well it's getting a new bumper. other than that, I'm up for going anytime.

exhaust exhaust exhaust. what should I do? think I should just buy some GT take offs? hmm maybe I'll go to borla mufflers...


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I hadn't heard the greatest things about the LACR track either. I was really hoping there would be a decent track somewhere in the southern cal area, but i'm yet to hear of one. It would be great to find a place to practice at over and over like once a month, i'm sure that would drop times considerably. We should petition the counties to build one, as a way to cut down on illegal street racing.


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Originally posted by MilleniumMustang

dont worry.. my 1st run ever was a 17.4 on my v6 stang... I got to a 15.95 @89mph at my best run ever.... and i dont have any mods...
that makes me feel good that a 99+AODE can get out of the 16s stock :D

did u run that with your stereo equipment in the car? whichever subs u had at the time (bostons, kickers, ect, i can't remember them all) had to of weighed u down a lot.


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I have noticed that nothing works for CobraMadness.
You guys will get better. I still suck. hehe my fastest is around a 16.12 if i can remember correctly(that was w/ my 95 stang v6 before i had the swap. I had some money problems after the swap so i had to sell it. Insurance was high as hell alone and couldn't afford the car anymore so sold it and bout a 500 $ pos that i used till i got my 94 stang. If anyone wanted to know what happend with the 95


the fontana raceway is supposed to be decent. that's in... fontana, duh. lol.

little update. I've been driving my car around and it doesn't seem to hesitate anymore. well I haven't redlined it in 3rd, but it 1st and 2nd I took the car up to the rev limiter. it took a bit because of the stock air box, but that will change when I get the mac cai.

I also noticed that I'm shifting a little better now. I think I was a little nervous about being out there. so I tried to hard to make the car go fast. oh well, there is always next time.


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Actually they do just took it a LONG time to even begin downloading... i saw the 9sec one...i'll download another one when i go to bed :)


ok, drove pat's car tonight and his car breaths so much better than mine. must be the MAC cai. it just felt so much more responsive than my car.

also after reading the article in bolt ons about exhaust I think my exhaust is way too big. after thinking about it I'm in a bad situation. since I'm not getting enough air in and what I do get in is going right out the exhaust valve, due to my 2.5" exhaust, my car is super slow.

then add in the superchip messing me up and I'm up **** creek.

so my solutions:

first I'm going to buy a Mac cai from John (stungby). that should open up my intake.

second: I'm gonna get a GT take off exhaust. go with flowmasters again. this should give me the power I've been lacking.

third: I'm gonna get the fordchip. this should bring everything together.


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Just curious as to what made you decide on the MAC versus the Densecharger or other CAIs? I'm in kind of the same boat as you, I have the C&L package right now, and love it, but I know that after I get gears/t-lok and it becomes time for a chip (definitely want a fordchip), that the C&L will have to go and i'll need a different CAI. Also, did you sell your C&L or are you still using bits of it, i'm trying to figure out what to do with it, hate for it to be a waste of $200.


the maf to tb tube was what sold me on the mac.

I sold my C&L for $150 shipped. I figured I got about $50 out of it, so I sold it cheap.


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Justang, you're running with the MM lower trailing arms on aren't you? Have you changed your shocks and uppers out too? With the right springs and shocks you can eliminate a lot of traction loss and/or wheel hop on starts by better planting the rear. I'm not sure how bad you wanna have a good drag racer vs. a street car though. It's the same reason the GT's come with the quad shocks to help keep the axle from winding up. Heck, I'd let you have the one's I just took off the new GT if you had the mount brackets from Ford and the right brackets on the axle to bolt to.