noob question...bear with me//


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Hey, just a dumb question. I have my 2002 stuff....but what if, hypothetically, I wanted to make it a 4.2 liter? What kind of power differences are there between the 2 engines? What would I need? blah blah blah so on and so forth...benefits...down falls....pros and cons....blah blah blah again...


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I'm not speaking from first hand experience from going 3.8 to 4.2, but I can tell you that generally when you ONLY increase displacement without doing air breathing mods at the same time, you gain torque and no horsepower. Or rather, it moves the powerband to the left (to lower rpms).

You will, however, have the potential to move more air, so every air breathing mod you do after that will add up to more power gained.

You'll basically need a 4.2l shortblock from a F-150. Past that, your parts should swap right over since you've got the internally balanced 3.8 (4.2 is internally balanced as well).

To me, the only con is doing all the work.


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can probly find a motor in the junkyard, outta an F150 or a van, just seems awfully labor intensive for me to bother with