Official 1/4 Mile Time Slips


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mine is not on there! I have video proof but not paper proof. you can totally use a stop watch and match up my youtube video to my e.t. and you can see that my speedo is pegged in the in-car view. :p

edit: I can post data logs of that pass too :D


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98 Singleport CAI and Exhaust with weight savings and 1/8 tank of gas

R/T - 1.253
60' - 2.65
330 - 7.145
1/8 - 10.654
MPH - 68.74
1000 - 13.923
1/4 - `16.521
MPH - 85.87

I'd have a picture if I didn't lose the slip, But I found this from an old text document, Probably doesn't work without the pic. :p
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2010 V6 CAI, t-Lok, 4.10, 3.5" aluminum driveshaft, cooper zeon rs3-s tires, 3/4 tank of gas. [email protected]

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that V6 guy
better 1/4 time finally but not as good as it could be, you can see from comparing my old 1000' track time to new slip..
quarter track comparison.jpg

13.72 @ 98.58 mph and a 2.06 60'

BV heads, P&P lower, comp 218/226 cam, 4.2 bottom end, 3k stall, flow 40's, O/R x-pipe, Pacesetter lt's, SCT xcal2ortiz 93 tune, Windstar upper, 65mm tb, CAI, 8.8 w/ 3.73's, SFC's, MM HD LCA's, cut factory springs, kyb shocks/struts, gt rear sway

also.. my car looks sexy with bigs on the back


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Greetings, men. Some really nasty 3.8 cars here! Fine work.

Saurday, 10/26/13, the DA was 860 feet below sea level at New England Dragway. Wish you all could have been there! Left lane (201) is me. The poor late model 5.0 CS in the right lane never knew what hit him...


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Polishing my banhammer
left lane, new best from Sunday, 10/27 Island Dragway, Great Meadows, NJ.


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Went back to the track today and made some more passes. The only change to the car was going from a 2.5" Dynomax catback to a 2.25" Flowmaster catback.



Here's my best from last season- T75

turbonetics 61mm turbo
tial 38mm wastegate
hks ssqv bov
310 lph pump
39lb injectors
lightning maf
8.8 with 4.10 gears
alum. drive shaft
stage 2 ram clutch and alum flywheel

blew the tires off on the line which is why my 60' is so slow. Car should be much quicker this year!
Also this was in close to 100 degree temperature*


updated fellas. nice time Henry. time to up the boost :).. tyler, you should run a good bit better with a better launch and cooler temps.