Official 1/4 Mile Time Slips


First I need to change the gears, damn this is maxed out, so can't go faster. Got 3.73 now, but going to 3.31 gears. Will hurt my 60', but will pick up speed at the end.
So far the 15psi is more than enough and I need to tweak a few other things before I even consider turning up the boost. Hell, 9.90 sec is absolute break out in my class. Meaning I'm one of the fastest in my class and it's "easier" to start last and fly by at the end, sort of, hehe.
I do want to beat 9.85, then I will be the fastest known V6 Mustang. Now I'm #3 and it sucks to be #3, haha


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Can I get in on this?


2007 Ford Mustang 4.0L 61mm Precision Turbocharger: 11.391 @ 120.790 MPH
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As long as there is no detonation I wouldn't worry about it. 18psi with a gt35 is a little different than 18psi on something like a 67mm. What exhaust wheel is bolted to that 61mm?


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The turbo kit was built by Powerhouse, Mike Bowen just for the 4.0 S197.

Some info from
o Precision Turbo PT61 turbo
o Tial 38mm Waste gate with 9, 11, and 20 PSI springs included (6.5 PSI spring included with the non-intercooled system)
o 304 stainless steel CNC mandrel bent tubing
o Stainless steel T-bolt clamps
o Stainless steel V-Band clamps
o Aluminum OEM quality bypass valve
o 5 ply Aramid silicone hoses
o SCT Xcalibrator with 9 PSI 91 octane tune
o 39 PPH fuel injectors
o NHRA approved braided AN stainless steel oil return line
o Precision billet Mass Air Flow Sensor flange
o Lifetime S&B high flow air filter

Does that help?


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Precision made 3 different turbo's (that I know of) with the gt35 61mm compressor wheel. It is the same wheel garrett uses in it's gt35 turbo. 6152 that uses a 61/72mm exhaust wheel, 6176 that uses a 65/76mm exhaust wheel ("clipped p-trim"), and they also bolted it to a t31 exhaust wheel and dubbed it a 6131. I'm a stickler when it comes to turbo's I guess lol. Your car runs great but I would expect more mph with 18psi on a 4l. How much power does your engine make n/a?


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Wow what a come back!
You got that 10 when the weather cools down.

We just returned from Joliet and Tara is at DGR performance already.

Plans on A/C Delete since we don't drive her that much on the street anymore.

Then put on a second set of brakes on the rear.

Launching at 2500 with the current brakes won't hold her in the box.

Should be ready befor Kentucky but the attempt for a 10.999 will be before that!

Need to have the headers open.
NMRA, our class, exhaust must go though the mufflers.
"Roush Performance Super Stang"


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Brumby I got it and in hot weather to.